Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Friday night our ward held the annual Trunk or Treat.  We had a great time.  We also had a fun guest with us.  My Grandpa Smith (my boys Great Grandpa) was passing through town on his way to Washington and because he was tired, decided to stay with night.  My boys were very excited to have Great Grandpa here and to come to the Trunk or Treat with us. 

A few weeks ago, Keagan and I were discussing what he wanted to be for Halloween, after I said no to Giraffe (he was that last year) and Elephant (I didn't want to have to try to make that), he said a Cow and I told him we could do that.  After pondering for a few days, I decided that since Andrew wasn't going to be at Trunk or Treat with us, that I would have the three boys be cows and I would be the farmer.  I made the hats, attached ears & horns and then put white spots on black sweats.  For Bauer, I decided that I would  want him in the carrier so that my hands would be free and so I decided that I would make his costume to be split up the back so that I could slip it over the carrier.  We used an old pair of black sweat, cut up the back seam, slid them over him and pinned and sewed legs holes using the the existing leg holes, then added arms.  I am pretty happy with how it all turned out. 
We are going to go out trick or treating on Sunday night so that we can enjoy it as a family and I am hoping to get a better picture and some individual pictures of each of the boys that night. 

The past week or so, Keagan has said some funny things in regards to his/our costumes.  First of all, one day he was talking with Andrew about being a cow and in the process of that conversation, Keagan decided that he would be a Dairy cow.  One night last week, I had the boys try on their costumes to see how they looked.  The next morning, Keagan was coming down the stairs and the very first thing he said to me was: "Mom, I want one of things that you squeeze and milk comes out on my costume."  I, of course, said absolutely not. 

Then Sunday night, we were at some friends house having dinner.  They asked what we were going to be for  Halloween.  Keagan said that him, Deker and Bauer were going to be Dairy Cows and that I was going to be a Farmer.  Keagan then asked me if I was going to have a pitch fork.  I told him no and he said, "But what if there is a bale of hay that you need to lift up."  Then I told him I didn't have a pitch fork and he said "But you can make one". 


Vera said...

I LOVE it! All the costumes are great!!!

easterngrl said...

Love the costumes! Also love that Keagan knows mommy can make it if he wants it.

Tory and Elizabeth said...

Seriously, how many times to I have to tell you to stop being so amazing. I had a hard enough time adjusting the store bought costumes so that they would fit my kids. Someday, if we keep hanging out, maybe some of your amazingness will rub off on me.

Dangela said...

Amazing!!! I loved, loved, loved the costumes--way too cute! Happy Halloween.