Sunday, July 28, 2013

Zora is Here!!!

Since all three of my boys were born 3 weeks or more before their due date, I had expected to have this little girl at the beginning of July, even though my due date wasn't until July 30.  Well, our little girl had other ideas in mind and kept us waiting.  I was starting to think that I was never going to go into labor on my own and would be induced which scared me just a little.

On Tuesday, July 23, which was exactly one week before my due date, I was scheduled for an Ultrasound followed by an appointment with my doctor.  Everything went well and they scheduled me to be induced on Thursday.  My appointment with my doctor was at 12:00 and during my appointment, I was 3 cm dilated (about the same as I had been for the past couple of weeks) and was not having any contractions. As soon as I walked out of the office, I called my Mom to let her know what was going on because she was getting on an airplane to fly to Wisconsin.

Me and the boys then walked out to the van where I tried calling Andrew.  While trying to get a hold of Andrew, I felt what I thought was some cramping from the exam, this was at 12:30.  I then started driving home.  On the way home, I noticed that the "cramping" was hurting pretty bad and coming every two minutes.  I got home, made the boys some lunch and then sat down to rest to see if it would go away.  A lady from Labor and Delivery called to do the registration for my induction just as I was getting another contraction and I couldn't talk to her through it.  She told me I needed to go to the hospital and I argued with her saying, what if it was just cramping from the exam.  She said since this was my fourth I could either have a baby at home or come in.  I reluctantly agreed but I still wasn't sure it was real labor, probably because I am always afraid it will be a false alarm.  This was at about 1:30

Since Andrew was at work, I called my neighbor, Jenn, and the kids went over to her house with her kids and she drove me to the hospital.  As we were driving, Jenn called Andrew to find out where he was that is when we found out he had to go to the warehouse to drop off the truck and then would meet us there.  I was scared because I thought he would be waiting for me at the hospital when I got there.

When I got to the hospital, I was 7 cm dilated, they rushed me to a room and started getting everything ready for delivery. Five minutes later, they checked me again and I was already completely dilated.  Now it was time to wait for Andrew (hopefully) and my doctor.  Soon after that, Andrew walked in the room, then about a minute or two later my doctor walked in the room then less 10 minutes later, Zora was born.

So basically from the time of my first contraction to Zora being born was just 2 hours.  It was such a crazy fast experience, but we are so thrilled that she is here.  She weighed in at 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long.  We named her Zora Brenda Picanco. 

After Zora was born, a lady different lady from Labor and Delivery came in and said "are you the one that was arguing with me on the phone?"  I said yes, I was and we joked around about it and that I was so glad that I decided to listen to her.  

Now for the picture explosion.
The boys were so excited to meet Zora and love her already.  Andrew and I made those "Big Brother" bags for the boys.  In each bag was a notebook, stickers, crayons, a treat, etc. 
The boys in their Big Brother shirts.

Quite a few months ago, I saw an idea to cut out scraps of fabric out and sew them together to make a garland to decorate the bassinet in the hospital, so one day I decided to go ahead a do it.  We got A TON of compliments on it. 
Zora and I ready to go home on Thursday.
Bauer drew a picture for Andrew and then asked Andrew to draw a picture for him.  He then showed off his drawing to Zora. 
It sure is fun getting a chance to dress a girl and we are all thrilled to have this little girl in our home. 

Keagan's Lost Tooth

On Wednesday, July 17, Keagan lost his very first tooth.  He had been watching and wiggling this tooth for a long time, then on Wednesday at dinner it came very loose and just barely hanging in there when he bit on a chip.  After the fear of pulling it the rest of the way was over, he was very excited about it.  He was even more excited the next morning when we saw that the tooth fairy came at night and brought him two quarters for it.