Sunday, April 26, 2009

Working on the Garden

We spent this past weekend (Friday & Saturday) getting our garden area all set up. Because we have such a big slope in the back yard, we are building three retaining walls. We spent Friday, pulling weeds, tilling, picking rocks and a little digging. Then on Saturday we dug lots more, picked more rocks and started building walls and stairs. We ran out of cinder blocks and time on Saturday, but we are getting closer to being done. Needless to say, Keagan really enjoyed spending almost two whole days outside digging & playing.

Garden spot Before

Deker enjoying the great outdoorsKeagan wearing Mommy's gloves (Everytime I put them down, he would pick them up and put them on).

Keagan and Daddy workingYou can't forget snack time!The garden so far. We need to get more cinder blocks to finish the second wall and the remainder of the stairs along the side of the garden.

By the spite of what the pictures show, I really did do work in our garden. But I also had to spend time feeding and keeping Deker happy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Me, my mom, my sisters and my sisters-in-law (my brother's wifes) all like to cook and/or bake. We have talked for a lot time about sharing recipes, but could never come up with a good way of sharing our recipes with each other. Well, last year we came up with the idea of doing a blog where we could share all our yummy recipes with each other. So, my talented sister-in-law Matti, started the blog and appropriately named it SMITHALICIOUS (since all of us have or have had the last name of Smith).

A year later, our blog has over 100 recipes and is continually growing. Matti has recently been trying to make our blog famous. We are now a part of sites like The Hive, Foodie Blog Roll and Phe.Mom.Enom. We would love to have your help in getting our blog out there for everyone to see. So, if you would like, check out our blog Smithalicous and become a follower. I would even be willing to bribe you with a yummy homemade treat if you need more incentive to become a follower of our blog (limited to those living in the Boise area).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a very fun Easter weekend. We kicked off on Saturday by going out to Kuna to their Easter Egg Hunt. Keagan had a great time picking up the eggs and suckers. Some eggs had candy in them and some has slips of paper with prizes. Keagan got lots of candy, two 2 stuffed animals, 2 "sippy" cups and two gift bags (since he got two of each, he gave one of each to Deker). Later that day, we colored eggs. Keagan had fun drawing on the eggs and them dropping them into the dye.

Keagan waiting for the Egg hunt to begin
After the Easter Egg Hunt (the pink bunny he is holding in the second picture below is the stuffed animal he got and loves!)
We got Keagan and Deker a matching church outfit along with some crayons and they each got a toy (Keagan got a Doodler and Deker got teething keys). We also gave them a wheelbarrow with a shovel, rake and watering can that they can use to help us work in the garden this year. I also surprised Andrew by getting him a tie that matched the boys' outfits.
Don't they all look so cute! (Again notice the pink bunny!)
After church, we went out to Andrew's aunt and uncles house (Diantha & Jerry). They had an Easter egg hunt for the little ones, then we played, talked and had a very yummy dinner.