Thursday, January 31, 2008

We've Moved

Well, we are officialy in our new home. We moved all of our stuff over on Saturday morning. We rented a big truck and asked the Elder's Quarm in our new ward to help us out. We ended up having about 7 guys from our new ward come to help us. All in all, it only took us about 1 1/2 hours to move everything over to our new house. I was very excited that it didn't take us very long. It has been a fun few days of living out of boxes, but we are slowly getting everything unpacked and put away.

Keagan is loving the new house. He hasn't had any problems adjusting to the move. The only problem he is having is the fact that we get busy putting things away and he doesn't get the attention that he would like.

I love being in this house. I especially love having a dishwasher for the first time and I love my new oven. It does the best things.

Anyway, as soon as we get most everything put away, I will take some pictures and post them here.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Exciting News

Well, first of all, our moving day is fast approaching. We should be closing on our new house next week and we plan to move in on Saturday, the 26. Needless to say, we are very excited about our new home. Since our old home hasn't sold, we are planning on renting it for a while.

That also means that we will have lots more guest room for anyone who would like to come visit.

Also, for those of you who haven't heard...Andrew and I are very excited to say that we are pregnant. We are expecting our 2nd child around July 22. Does that mean that I am not supposed to do much lifting? Bummer!

I've been tagged

So, I have been tagged. I don’t usually like talking about myself, but here is goes…

How long have you been together?
Andrew and I have been married for 3 years and 4 months. We have known each other for almost 4 years.
Who said “I Love You” first?
Andrew did. I was sure I loved him too, but I was scared.
Who is smarter?
Hmmmm. That is a hard one, but I think I might have to say Andrew. He has so many little facts stored in his head, it blows me away.
Who pays the bills?
Andrew earns the money, but I usually end up balancing the checkbook and sending off the bills.
Who cooks dinner?
It depends on the day. When Andrew is working, I usually do it. But when we are both home, sometimes he does it (more now because I have been so tired lately), sometimes we both do it.
Who drives when you are in the car together?
Andrew!!!! He likes to drive and I am more than content to be the passenger.
Who is more stubborn?
Me. Enough said.
Who wears the pants in the family?
Neither. We always consult each other on everything.

3 random things about myself.
1. I absolutely LOVE ice cream!!! Any kind (almost), any time of day and any day of the year. I can never get enough of it. In fact, a grocery store just put the “Girl Scout Cookie” ice cream from Dreyers on sale and though I don’t normally shop there, Andrew let me stop just to buy that ice cream.

2. I love to put on my comfy pants. I try to stay in regular pants at least until 7:00 at night, but since I have been pregnant and haven’t been feeling up to par, I think I apologize to Andrew at least twice a week or more for wearing comfy pants all the time except for when I leave the house. Andrew says it’s OK because he thinks I look sexy in them, but I don’t believe him.

3. I don’t really like road trips. I get bored sitting in the car for very long. The only thing that makes road trips worthwhile is the fact that I am going to see my family or else do something really fun at the end of the trip. Which probably explains why the return trip is a lot harder.