Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's Christmatime!

Christmas seemed to come way too fast this year.  We enjoyed every moment that we could though.  Here are some highlights of our December activities...

At our ward Christmas Party, they had Santa set up in another room in the building and a really good photographer taking the pictures.  Zora was getting pretty tired and cranky so we didn't get her in this picture. 
 The Village at Meridian has a Santa house so we went there later and had the kids visit Santa again.
We went and looked at Christmas Lights a couple of different places this year.  Zora LOVED looking at the lights. 
 Our Family at the Botanical Gardents.
The Saturday before Christmas we made Sugar cookies.  I started helping the boys then Zora needed to eat to Andrew finished up. 
 The boys watching Polar Express
Our kids in their Christmas attire the Sunday before church.  I have pretty much given up trying to get all the kids to look at the camera with a nice smile on their face and I am trying really hard to embrace the silliness of them that comes through.  I can't decide which of the pictures I like the best, so I am posting them all.
 I love how they are all smiling, even Zora in this picture.
A tradition we started several years ago is to have Christmas Tree french toast a morning or two before Christmas. 
Another thing we do on Christmas Eve is having Candy Cane and Christmas Tree pizza. 
All month long I wanted to get pictures of Zora and the kids in front of the tree.  When Christmas Eve came around I realized that it was my last day. So after dinner, I got out out the camera.
Our matching family Pajamas that we opened on Christmas Eve night.  Superman theme complete with a cute pink one for Zora.  You can't see it, but Andrew shirt had Dad underneath the Superman logo.
Santa brought the kids pillow bed/couch/fort.  So far they are liking them.
On Christmas morning, we always have Santa pancakes.  

I like taking pictures of the kids with the things they got for Christmas each year.
Keagan got Dress up clothes (superman & Fireman), kids cooking knifes, coloring book, transformer things, suitcase, etc. 
Deker got dress up clothes (robin and Fireman) lots of trucks, new kids plate, suitcase, etc.

 Bauer got dress up clothes (batman & police man), Lightning McQueen & Mater, cars, trucks, suitcase, etc.
Andrew made this rocking scooter for Zora.
She also got a new dress, and lots of baby toys.

First big snowfall

We had our first big snowfall a few weeks ago.  It was on a Saturday and the boys could not wait to get outside to play in it. Andrew was at work and so I got all their snowthings ready, put Zora down for a nap and then we went outside to Shovel the driveway.  After we got the driveway shoveled, the boys still wanted to play in the snow so I sent them to the backyard. Shortly after that Andrew got home, we got out the sleds and sled down the hill in our backyard.  The boys (big and little) had a lot of fun!
Keagan and Deker going down the hill together.
Daddy taking a turn.
 Andrew taking Bauer down the hill.

Keagan's Piano Recital

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Keagan had his very first piano recital (it was my second recital as a teacher).  It is always so rewarding hearing the students playing the songs they have worked so hard on.  It is even more rewarding when it it your own child.  He did a great job and has since seemed to enjoy playing the piano more than before. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vera's Visit

Last weekend, my sister Vera came for a visit.  We always love having her visit and we enjoyed our time with her.

On Saturday, we decided to go down to a new outdoor area with shopping, eating a water fountain, playset and an ice skating rink that just barely opened. While walking around, Vera saw a bowling alley and we decided to go bowling.  It was the boys first time and they all loved it.  Deker has asked several times since when we can go "bowling for real" again.

The at the fountain. 
Getting ready to bowl.
All of our shoes with Zora's car seat.
Bauer's bowl usually took a slow trip down the lane.  One time he decided to lay down to watch it.  All three of us adults quickly reached for our cameras to get pictures of him before he stood up. 
Zora had fallen asleep in her car seat while we were walking around and stayed asleep the entire time we were bowling.  I guess the nice loud noise of a bowling alley is soothing to her.
One of Vera and Zora many moments spent snuggling.

We Love Chick-Fil-A

In October I had read that Chick-Fil-A was going to be celebrating their one year anniversary of being open with free chicken sandwiches, cupcakes and fun.  It was a Friday night and with Andrew being gone I wasn't sure if I would take the kids or not.  But I had a brave moment and loaded up all four kids and headed there.  It was my first bigger outing with all four kids and I am glad we went.  We had fun and the kids did good.

Keagan and Bauer with the Cow, Deker didn't want to get in the picture.
There was a balloon artist going around.  Keagan and Deker choose a bow and arrow and Buaer choose a sword.

Keagan's Flag Football

This fall, Keagan played in a short 4 week Flag Football League.  He really likes playing football and I am secretly happy that he wasn't wanted to play more yet (knock on wood).

Here are a couple of pictures.
When we got to the last game I knew Zora would be getting hungry so I stayed in the Van and fed her.  As Zora and I were walking over to the field, Andrew took some pictures of us.  I love this picture of the two of us. 

Visit to Oregon

A few weeks ago, we were able to go visit our good friends, The Kolilis's in Oregon.  They live on a ranch by her parents.  We always have a great time when we see this and this trip was no different.

One morning, Andrew and Dan went out to chop some wood.  The little boys soon followed outside.  They loved watching and helping.  
In the afternoon I stayed back with Zora to let her get a good nap while everyone else went up the mountain to play in the snow.

Bauer by some machinery.  The boys told me what it was, but I already forgot.
 Keagan sledding.
Deker making snow angels.
The boys watching Andrew's brother do a little plowing.  He had is nephew with him and promised the boys a ride the next morning.
Deker in the tractor.
Bauer "helping" Lucas across the plowed field.