Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shoes & Misc Pictures

Keagan, like all kids, has some funny quirks. One of them is about where he puts his shoes when he takes them off. Whenever we tell Keagan to take off his shoes and put them by the door. He takes them off and places them right next to each other and right in front of the door. He does it all very precisly. He has been doing this for quite a while and it just occured to me that it would be good to take a picture/video of him doing it and how precise everything has to be.

The past week or so, when Keagan gets up, he comes to the top of the stairs and asks me if Daddy is home, once I answer that question, he asks me about Deker. After he knows where Daddy and Deker are, he will then come down the stairs. Then when Deker is up, he wants to go get him up. He will go into his room, climb up on the crib rail to see into the crib, tell Deker "good morning" and will pull the blanket back and hold out his arm to try to pick him up. I think it is all cute.

This morning, when Deker got up, Keagan wanted to hold him so he sat on the couch and was holding Deker and he bends over and says Good Morning Deker a few times. Here is a picture that I took this morning of them. He also likes to try to give Deker his paci, whether he needs it or not, which just makes Deker mad.

One morning, I was getting Deker dressed and Keagan came in with his blanket and bear (which he likes to play with A LOT). When I turned around, Keagan was sitting in the rocker with his blanket and bear. It was so cute.

Then, here is me, Keagan and Deker all rocking together.

Putting Keagan to Work

Keagan has really started to want to help us with everything that we do. This past week, we have done a few projects and Keagan has been kind enough to help us with them.
The first one was painting the picnic table we got from Andrew's parents before they moved. Andrew and Keagan went out back and painted the table. While they were painting, I went outside and Keagan had a paint brush in his hand and was "helping" Andrew paint. It's a good thing I put him in old clothes, because he got paint on them.

Then, this morning, we decided to reaarange the living room. While we were doing this, Keagan went over to an end table and starting moving it for us. I was surprised that he was able to move it, but he did. Andrew got the camera out and took a video of him.

Fun time with friends

On Saturday, some friends of ours invited us to go swimming with us on Saturday afternoon. We went to this great place called Robie Creek. There is a beachy spot that is very shallow and has a great place for kids to play. We had fun watching the kids play, eating dinner and visiting with friends. One family had a inflateable boat. Andrew said he was going to take Keagan out on it, but I think he made Keagan do all the work (see the pictures below). Keagan took a little bit to get used to playing the water, but after he did, he really had a great time. Also, for some odd reason, Keagan wouldn't let me take his shirt off.

We had such a great time and can't wait to go back. Thank you to the Kings & Crawfords for a wonderful day.

The Fair

This past week, the four of us went to the fair. Deker had a great time sleeping in the baby carrier. Keagan had A LOT of fun seeing and feeding the animals. Here is a video and a picture of Keagan feeding the animals.

Sorry the video is turned, I don't know how to rotate it.


"fwimming" is what it sounds like when Keagan says swimming.

When summer started this year, I realized that Keagan had only been swimming maybe 2 times in the 2 years of his life. I felt bad about it, but with a new baby, there wasn't much I could do. A few weeks ago, we bought a little plastic kids swimming pool. Keagan had a great time playing in it. (Andrew had fun too!)
Then later on that week, some friends invited us to go to a pool called Ivywild. They have a kids pool that is a gradual entry (kind of like a beach) and it is only a few fee deep. It has a few kids slides and some waterfall type things. Keagan had a love/hate relationship with it. He loved it at first, but then slipped, went under the water and couldn't get his legs under himself. So then he was scared of it. Then another mother in our group took him back out in the water (I was nursing Deker) and he got used to it again and was going placed, I didn't think he would go. But then after a while (about 5 minutes before we decided to go) he slipped and went under again which made him scared of it again and wouldn't go back in.

Then a few days later we took him to a swimming place along the Boise River. He was really scared of it for the first 15-minutes and Deker wasn't being too happy sitting in his car seat and I was ready to give up and go home, but Andrew said to wait and we got Keagan to like it by playing some games that all of a sudden cam einto my head (thank goodness for inspiration)

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of the other swimming events.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Beautiful Family

This weekend we had the pleasure of having Andrew's sister and her husband and his nephew Spencer at our house. We had a wonderful time with them and really enjoyed their company. While they were here, they took a bunch of amazing pictures for us. They took our family picture, newborn pictures of Deker, pictures of Keagan, and pictures of our two boys together. Everytime I see pictures that they take, I am always awed by their amazing talent. We feel really lucky to have them a part of our family.

By the way...these are the pictures without them doing any kind of touch up's or anything.

Our First trip

Last weekend we finally got to go on our first trip all summer long (it was also Deker's very first trip). The guys on my side of the family got together for their Annual Guys Campout/Fishing Tourmament. Since they were going down to Southern Utah, I decided that I was going to go down with Andrew and Keagan and stay with my sister and her girls. Andrew and Keagan had a fun time camping (and sleeping in a tent), fishing and playing with the other guys & boys. While they were camping, I had fun doing facials, hair treatments, manicures and pedicures with my sister and her girls.

Since we were so close to my parents house, we decided to spend the rest of the weekend in Caliente. Keagan had fun time getting spoiled by my parents and playing Uncle Neal's drums. We really enjoyed our vacation.

This is Andrew with his new Tacklebox which he won for last fish caught. The picture right below is all the guys (my dad isn't in the picture because he was taking it) with all the fish that they kept. They caught a ton more but threw them back.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kuna Days Parade

This weekend, Kuna did their annual Kuna Days. This morning we went down to the parade. When we asked Keagan if he wanted to go to the parade, he said no at first. But then when we explained to him that we would see floats, horses, fire trucks and ambulances, he decided that he did want to go. We had a lot of fun at the parade, and Keagan had a great time picking up all the candy that was thrown.

Temple Open House

On Thursday we went down to Twin Falls to go to the temple open house. We enjoyed going through the temple and see the beautiful rooms. They really personalized the temple for the region that it is in. All the paintings in the temple are done by Idaho artists and the Idaho state flower (the Syringa) is used in the stain glass, carpet, wallpaper, etc.

After we did a tour, we took some pictures on the temple grounds. As you will see in some pictures below, there are several landscaping rock which match the Snake River Gorge. Keagan had a great time climbing up and down and all around the rocks.

Afterwards, we drove down to Shoshone Falls which is a few miles down the road and had a picnic lunch. Here are some pictures of our adventures.