Friday, April 26, 2013

Family Vacation

In  March during Keagan's track break, we took our first ever Family Vacation.  We headed to California.  My sister Vera owns a Mortuary in Davis which is is just outside Sacramento.  We got to stay with her and have her as a wonderful tour guide.  We all had so much fun and the boys are already talking about wanting to go back.

On Tuesday we went to San Francisco.  Our first stop was Pier 39.
Boys looking down at the water. 
There was a submarine that you could tour.  The boys wanted to go, but then when it was time to go on, they got a little scared, but as soon as we made them get in there, they LOVED it. 
Another of our stops was Ghiradelli Chocolate square and stop for an Earthquake Sundae.  This sundae has 8 scoops of ice cream, banana's several toppings.  It was DELICIOUS!. 
Our next stop was to ride the trolley.  The boys were so very excited!
The look on Deker's face says it all.
Were the trolley stops, we had to walk a few blocks to get back to where we need to be.  As we were stopped on a corner waiting for the light to change, Bauer lifts up his pant leg and starts yelling "Ride, Ride!" 
We stayed in a hotel in San Francisco that night so that we could see for of the town the next day.  Our boys were thrilled to find out the net morning that there was construction going on.  This is just outside our door.  They would have stayed and watched the workers all day, if we would have let them. 
On our second day in San Francisco, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge. 
It was kind of drizzling raining most the day we we went to the Children's Creativity Museum.  The boys loved it and had a ton of fun playing. 

Bauer giving us ice cream from a truck looking thing. 
Andrew being one of the kids. 
 On Thursday, we went to the Jelly Belly Factory and went on a tour.  So much fun!
Afterwards, we went miniature golfing.
On Friday, we went to the Sacrament Zoo. 
Next to the Zoo there is this really fun place called Fairytale Town.  It was amazing.  There are pretty much all the nursery rhymes made into play things.  For instance, this slide show for "The Old Woman in the Shoe".
Or this train for the Engine that Could. Notice Bauer getting off the Train to check under the train. 
On Saturday, we went to the Davis Farmers Market then over to Old Sacramento to go to the train museum.  Of course my boys loved it.  There was lots of trains you could go in, for instance an old mail train, a dining car, and sleeping car and stuff like that.  Then upstairs was model/toy trains and a big Thomas the Train Play area. 
Afterwards, we found an amazing Balloon artist on the street who makes really cool balloons.  Keagan got Lighting McQueen, Deker got a cool sword and belt and Bauer choose a Dragon. 
Vera has a really good friend, Tess,  that also helps her with her mortuary.  Tess has some horses and offered to take us riding.  The boys sure did love that!  Here they are getting the horses all brushed. 
Deker up on the horse.
 Keagan on a horse.  
Bauer on the horse with a big smile the whole time. 
Andrew taking a turn.
Tess, Vera, Bauer and Keagan.  Because of being pregnant and since I have not been on a horse for a really long time, it was decided it best if I did not ride.  I as fine with that.  I had fun watching all the others and sitting in the shade. 
We had such a wonderful vacation.  Thank you, Vera, for showing us all a wonderful time!

Catch Up Time

I really do intend to keep up on the old blog a lot better, but unfortunately life with three active boys, excitedly sewing stuff for our baby girls nursery and being pregnant don't leave a lot of time to update the blog.  But I have decided to take some time this morning and do some quick updates. 

In March there was a Car Show happening at the Idaho Fairgrounds.  Andrew decided that he would take the boys for a fun boys night out.  Unfortunately, there were some problems with his debit card (someone was trying to use it in Ohio) and so they weren't able to to go.  Instead they went to PoJo's and had a lot of fun playing.  

The week after we found out we were having a baby girl, we went shopping for fabrics for her nursery.  I am LOVING all the girly things out there and having so much fun sewing it all up.  Andrew painted the nursery pink this past week and I really love how everything is looking in there.  I know it is kind of early to be getting all this done, but I am just so excited and can't help it.  Here is a little peek at the bedding set I sewed up. 

In March during Keagan's track break, we drove out to California and visited my sister, Vera.  We had a blast, but that is going to be a post all by itself.

We had a fun Easter.  On Saturday morning, I took the boys out to Kuna to their Easter Egg Hunt.  With the help of my neighbor's boy, Keagan actually got to do the Easter Egg Hunt with his own age group, then I took Deker and Bauer into Deker's age group.  Then Saturday afternoon, we all colored Easter Eggs together as a family.  The Easter Bunny went nice a low-key on their baskets this year, but the boys loved them anyways. 

The beginning of April found Baseball Season in full Swing with practice/games 4 nights a week.  Keagan is loving it though and getting better each time.  The first picture is of Keagan playing catcher and the second picture is of him batting. 

Last of all, today Keagan's school had an early bird awards assembly were they pass out awards.  Keagan got an award for Citizenship.