Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All in a Day

It is so much fun to listen to my boys playing and using their imagination.  One morning last week, the boys were dogs, tractors and then cats.  It went like this.

While I was making breakfast, Deker asked if they could make a dog house, when I told him yes, they got very excited.  After breakfast, I took them upstairs to get dressed.  Deker decided that he needed to be a tractor to get dressed.  He used his hands as claws on the tractor to take off him jammies, pick up and put his clothes on.  After that, they decided they needed to make a kitty zoo in the spare room.  I am very glad that they use their imaginations, but it is hard to keep up with it all.  Here is their doghouse on one particular morning. 
In other news, we recently got his walker thing and Bauer LOVES it.  We took it outside on Saturday afternoon and he cruised up and down the driveway with a huge smile on his face the entire time.  I would walk beside him and help him turn it when he got to the end. 
I have been having fun with my Silhouette Machine.  Here are some shirts I made for my boys on Sunday.  The blue writing is Keagans', the mickey mouse is Deker's and the button one is Bauer's.  They were really excited to wear them on Monday. 


Our Easter weekend was kicked off by me getting brave enough to take our three boys to an Easter Egg hunt by myself.  It went really well and we had a great time. 
That evening, after Andrew got home and we had dinner, we dyed eggs.  It is so fun to see how excited these little kids (and adults?) get to color eggs.
The Easter Bunny made an appearance some time in the night and the boys were very excited with the plastic candy-filled eggs that were left around the house.  They also very much enjoyed what was in their Easter baskets.  Their baskets weren't as cute as I was hoping because I didn't get around to personalizing them with my new Silhouette Machine before Easter.  There is always next year.   
That evening, while we were eating dinner with our friends, Keagan reminded us that we didn't have an Easter Egg hunt in our back yard.  So, after dinner, Andrew took our dyed eggs and hid them all over the backyard and Keagan and Deker really enjoyed finding them all.
I hope that your Easter was fun as well.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trash to Treasure

We have a box that sits beside the garbage can that we put all our recycling items in.  Bauer has recently discovered this box and he LOVES to pull it over and pull all the papers out of it.  It doesn't take him long to accomplish this.  This particular day, I walked out of the room for just a mintue or two and found this when I walked back in:
I actually find this scene at least once a day and that is only because I usually move the box onto the counter after the first incident of the day.  I guess the old saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure" would be very fitting here. 

Spring Days

The weather in Boise on Thurday and Friday was almost 70 degrees and was only going to last for two days, so the boys and I took advantage of it and boy did we have fun.  Too bad Andrew had to work both days and wasn't able to enjoy it with us. 

On Thursday, after Bauer woke up from his morning nap, we packed a picnic lunch and headed to the park in our subdivision.  We had so much fun swinging, running around, sliding, and eating outside.  Once the boys got up from their afternoon nap, we headed outside to ride bikes and play outside for the rest of the afternoon. 
On Saturday, we went to the MK Nature Center and spent quite a while there.  We then went to the park next door and had another picnic lunch.  After naps, we enjoyed more time in our backyard. 
I was kind of sad to see the wind and rain come back today, but it sure was nice having a couple of beautiful sunshining days to enjoy.