Friday, January 28, 2011

These pictures were taken at about 5:00 pm today.  Do you notice anything unusual?
All three boys are still in the PJ's they wore last night.  Why do you ask?  Because we are potty training Deker and I thought it would be easiest to pull PJ's up and down rather than jeans.  Then around 11:30 when I noticed all three boys were still in PJ's, I decided why bother now.  Keagan thought it was pretty cool wearing pajama's all day.

So, how is potty training going? Really well (knock on wood).  Deker has not had one accident since yesterday at lunch.  My happiest moment today was when Keagan and Deker were outside playing today (yes, in their pajamas, coat & shoes minus socks) and I was inside feeding Bauer and I suddenly hear Deker at the door "Potty Mommy".  I opened the door, he sat on the potty chair, he went and then raced outside as soon as he washed his hands. 

We attempted potty in October, but after 2 1/2 days, there was no progress so we gave up.  Then last week, he started asking to wear underwear.  So, Wednesday afternoon when Andrew got home from work,we put Deker in underwear.  Then Thursday, all day we watched him and worked with him.  I was really nervous about it today with Andrew gone for the next two days, but I can see now, that I had nothing to worry about. 

I am thinking we will venture away from the house Saturday evening as soon as Andrew gets home from work.  Please wish us luck that Deker continues to do well and that he will stick with it. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whirlwind Week

We had quite the busy, but fun week.  On Sunday (the day after Christmas), we drove over to Idaho Falls to have a little Christmas celebration with Andrew's family.  It was a very short trip because Andrew had to be back to work early Tuesday morning.  The drive home was especially quiet because Keagan and Deker stayed in Idaho Falls with Andrew's parents. 

On Thursday afternoon after Andrew got home from work Andrew, Bauer and I headed back to Idaho Falls.  We picked up Andrew's brother and his wife (David & Leah) and began our long journey to Deming, New Mexico to attend the wedding of Andrew's good friend, Marshall.  We arrived in New Mexico around 1:30 pm on Friday. 

On Friday, the brides family had a yummy dinner of Mexican style food.  After eating and talking, we went back to our hotel, put Bauer to sleep for the night and then we rang in the new year playing games in a hotel room with our friends that made it down the for the wedding. 

On Saturday evening was the wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding and reception.  Andrew was asked to be the Best Man.  We enjoyed visiting and dancing the night away. 

Here is the groom along with the three friends that have been friends for years. 
The Beautiful new family. 
Andrew, Bauer and I at the wedding. 
We got up early Sunday morning, left Deming around 7:00 am and arrived in Idaho Falls about 1:00 in the morning.  We crashed at David & Leah's house, then Andrew got up early to pick up the kids from his parents house because they had to go to work.  We then loaded up and drove home. 

It was a fun and exhausting week.  I missed Keagan and Deker a lot, but I am very grateful that Andrew's parents took them for the week.  It sounds like they had a great time with their grandparents.