Friday, March 8, 2013

Gender Reveal

I really wanted to come up with a fun idea of how to tell our boys if we were having a boy or a girl when the time came.  There were two main ideas that I came across one was opening a box with balloons and one was with either a cake or cupcakes which was filled on the inside.  But I wasn't getting really excited about either one.  Then I then I came up with the idea that we used.  I found this white bag in our gift back stash and used my Silhouette to cut out stuff out and decorated the bag.  After the ultrasound (the boys were at school and a friends house), Andrew and I went to a party supply store and bought the stuff to go in the bag.

Here is the bag already to be opened.  
Deker was so excited about this and had a really hard time waiting until Keagan got home from school.  Finally the time came and they just couldn't wait.  All three boys kept telling me they wanted a Sister and they were so excited to find pink stuff inside. 
 Inside the bag was pink confetti, pink pencils, pink suckers, pink hersheys kisses and a pink balloon for each boy to blow-up. 

Later that evening I asked the boys is they were excited that they were going to have a sister. Here is their responses:
Keagan: "Yes, I wanted a Sister and so I knew that's what it would be."
Deker: "Yes"
Bauer: "No sister, baby girl!"

Both Andrew and I are so thrilled to be having a daughter.  I am anxious to start sewing a crib set and making and buying all kinds of girly things.