Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow Finally

In January, we got a really big snow storm.  We ended up getting over 6 inches on our driveway.  The boys were so excited to go play in the snow that day.  They loved getting dressed in their snow things and had a ton of fun "shoveling" the snow that day. 



A few weeks ago, we got a package in the mail from my sister, Vera.  She had been to Kohls and they were having a really good sale on kids clothes.  Inside the box, was a shirt with a tractor on it, a pair of pants and very cool tractor silverware sets for each boy.  There was also a church outfit for Keagan.  Needless to say, the boys were in heaven. 
The next morning, we used the silverware the next morning for breakfast.  Here are the boys, playing with their tractor silveware while I made breakfast.
Eating our eggs with the Telehandler forks and Bulldozer Pushers. 
Eating our cereal with the Front End Loader Spoons.
Here are the three boys dressed in their new tractor shirts. 
And of course, doing their silly pose. 
Here is Keagan in his new church suit from Aunt Vera.  He absolutely loves it and wears it every week and talks about it throughout the week. 
Thank you, Vera, for such an amazing package!  There have actually been some times when the kids have had friends over and they have gotten out their silverware to show their friends. 

Book of the Month Club - January

Andrew's brother, David, and his family had our family for Christmas.  They gave us an amazing gift.  It was a "Book of the Month Club" for kids.  There was a bag for each month with a book, list of activities and a few items to go with the activities. 

For January, the book was Dino Train.  When I opened the bag and read the list of activities I was so excited to get started.  One Friday in January, we read the book after naps.  Here is our dinner that night.  Dino Eggs and Dino Chicken Nuggets. 
Here is our Dino Dig that we did after dinner.  I baked the cake mix with the dinosaurs in it.  We then got to eat the cake for Dessert. 
A few days later, we did the snack train.  Andrew cut egg cartons length wise for 6 "train cars".  I set out six different small snacks.  The boys take their trains down the table and fill up each car with their snacks. 
We also made a train tunnel that we could crawl through and played other train games. 

We loved the month of January and can't wait to see what February has in store for us.  Thank you David and Leah for such a wonderful gift!

The Life of a Box

Andrew and I finally bought a new stand for our TV.  We found a really good deal on one online and we were able to get free shipping.  The boxes arrived on a Friday afternoon, while the boys were taking naps.  Since Andrew was gone, they didn't get opened until Sunday.  Here are the ways that we used these particular boxes.

First, we made a "maze" for the boys to have fun with. 
Later we added blankets so that the boxes could be a fort and a tunnel.
Then on Sunday, when Andrew was putting the TV Stand together, the boys brought their tools downstairs to cut the boxes.

The boys had so much fun that it made me wish we could get boxes in the mail every week.