Thursday, May 31, 2012

Misc. Stuff

One Saturday while enjoying a beatiful evening out on our back porch, Andrew decided to rub my feet.  Soon, ALL of my boys decided to help him rub my meet.  I sure felt like a Princess then!
All winter long I had Keagan keep his hat and gloves that he would wear to School each day in his backpack.  One afternoon, Bauer found the backpack, got out the hat and gloves and put them all on by himself. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bauer's 2nd Birthday

Bauer turned 2 yesterday.  It sure can be crazy having two boys two different ages being born on the same day. 

Here is Bauer with his birthday pancake. 
Showing off his birthday shirt.
Bauer and his Winnie the Pooh Cake.  I used this tutorial for the winnie the pooh.  It was so easy and turned out great.
Because Keagan was having a friend party earlier in the day, I didn't want to have Bauer feel left out (I keep forgetting that he is only two and probably wouldn't have noticed, but it made me feel better), we had a few family friends come over for cake and ice cream.  Somebody gave Bauer a couple of books and of course, they had to be read right away.
He also couldn't wait to try out the new trucks. 
Happy 2nd birthday Bauer.  We sure do love you lots!

Keagan's Birthday Party

Keagan turned 6 years old yesterday and he was so very excited.  We started the morning off with a number 6 pancake.  Here are the festivities of the day. 
 The birthday boy in his Birthday shirt.
This year he was able to have a friend party.  Much to my dismay, he wanted to have a Semi Truck party.  Did you know that there is no semi truck decoration, party favors, etc?  So I did the best I could.  My Silhouette (a craft cutter) was my huge friend throughout it all.  Here is the invitation to his party.  Notice his little face in the cab of the truck.
Our first party game was a "semi-truck" obstacle course.  Deker's trike with the wagon hooked on served as the Semi.  Each kid started at the starting line, rode to the end of the driveway, picked up 6 blocks of wood, put them in the trailer and then rode back to the starting line (they ended up making a big loop around the driveway).  It seemed like each kid had fun cheering each other on and taking their turn.  Here is Keagan taking the first turn around.
Andrew pulled into town from his two-day route about 20 minutes before the party was to start, so he brought his truck to our house so he could be back in time for the party.  Keagan asked Andrew if he could show the truck to his friends, so we walked down the street and Andrew opened the trailer and pulled the ramp down so they could climb up into the trailer.  Andrew then let them each climb into the cab and see the cab (which is a sleeper cab).  They were pretty surprised to see a bed in the back and were even more surprised when they found out that Andrew slept there the night before. 
The kids all enjoyed pizza for lunch.  We opted for the indoor picnic for lunch.
Because you can't buy a Semi truck pinata, with my input, Andrew fashioned and decorated this wonderful pinata.  Good job Andrew!
The pinata in action.
Keagan's Semi-truck cake, courtesy of Andrew and I.
For party favors, I found a Semi-truck mold and gave each child one chocolate and one white chocolate semi along with a Semi-truck pez dispenser.  We also purchased some water bottles and using my silhouette, personalized a bottle for each kid. 
It was fun to plan and we all had a fun time. Happy Birthday, Keagan, We LOVE you!