Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary

Yesterday was our 4th wedding anniversary! Wahoo!! Our good friend Dan took Keagan for the day (I am not sure if Keagan had more fun or if Dan had more fun. Maybe it is a toss up). Andrew and I were able to have a fun day just doing some things we have been wanting to do. One of which was going to Artist for a Day and painting a piggy bank for Deker (this is something we did for Keagan and wanted to continue the tradition). Then in the evening, we dropped Deker off with Dan & Angela and we went out to dinner to Asiago. We missed Keagan and lot, but had a great time. Thank you very much, Dan & Angela for doing that for us!

I am grateful to Andrew for all that he does for me. Here is to another great 4 years.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Car problems

I am so glad that my husband can work on cars. It saves so much money! This weekend, our van temporarily broke down. We were getting in the van Friday night to go do something. When I reached over to start it, it almost started and then died and wouldn't start again. At first Andrew thought it was a fuse relay (I am just repeating Andrew here, not exactly sure what that is). So, we bought one, Andrew put it in and it still didn't work. Then he called a mechanic that used to be in our ward and told him what happened and the guy told him it sounds like the alternator is out. So, Andrew gets a new alternator and puts in it, jump starts the Van and lets it run for a while and then after about 20 minutes or so, it dies again. At this point he isn't sure if the battery is just really old or if there is something else wrong with it as well. So, he takes the battery from the van and puts it in his car and the same thing happens. But by this time, it is too late to go get a new battery. So, right now, Andrew is out buying a battery. Cross your fingers that is all that we need to do.

Of course since Andrew is in the garage, Keagan had to be in the garage as well. The first time I went out to see how they were doing, I noticed that when Andrew would put a tool down, Keagan would try to take it. So I told Andrew to go get his tool box. He runs upstairs, gets his toolbox and then here is a picture of what I see next.

I have to preface the next part of this post by saying that I am not very experienced at driving a stick shift vehicle. Andrew taught me how when I was pregnant with Keagan and the Saturn we were driving needed to be in the shop for a few days and I needed to drive Andrew's car so I could get to work and back. Since then, I have only driven Andrew's car a couple of times and I am not very good at it.

Since our Van has been out of commission this weekend, we have been driving around in Andrew's little 2 door ford aspire. Well, this morning, Andrew had to go finish up a painting job and I really wanted to take Keagan to the library to a Music and Movement time they do for kids. Before Andrew left for work, he pulled the car out of the garage to make it a little easier for me. So, I load the three of us up in the car and hope that I can make it to the Library (only 2 miles away) without to much mishaps. I turn the car on and proceed to attempt to get the car moving. I was able to get it moving, but it was pretty jerky when I hear from my peanut gallery in the back (Keagan) say something like "whoa, broken". I just had to laugh that even he my 2 year-old knew this wasn't how it was supposed to go. As you can imagine, when I told Andrew about this, that he had quite the laugh too.

Silly Kids

Keagan has been such a good big brother to Deker. I am so proud of how well he has handled having a baby brother. Keagan loves to hold Deker, talk to Deker and always wants to know where Deker is at and weather he is sleeping or awake. Not a day doesn't pass when I don't hear Keagan say "Hi Deker" or "good morning Deker" several times. One morning a couple of weeks ago when Keagan got up, he came to the top of the stairs (he always has to find out where everybody is at before he comes down the stairs) and asked for Daddy, I told him daddy was at work. Then he saw that Deker was sitting with me on the couch. He starts to come down the stair and the whole way down the stairs he says "I coming Deker. Deker I coming". I just thought it was so fun.

Then another morning last week, they were both up when I started to make breakfast. I put Deker in the swing and then went into the kitchen. After a moment I hear Keagan say "Numbers, Deker. Deker, Numbers" over and over. I look in the living room and Keagan is standing in front of the swing holding a numbers book in front of him showing and telling him what the book was. I wish I could have gotten the camera out fast enough to take a little DVD of it.

This morning, after we were all dressed, Keagan wanted to hold Deker. Once he got on the couch, he decided that he wanted Deker to sit beside him. I decided to get the camera a take some pictures of my cute boys.

Eastern Idaho

A couple of weeks ago, we went over to Eastern Idaho because Andrew's brother, David, and his wife were blessing their baby. The first night we were there, Andrew was outside with David looking at a motorcycle that David had bought. Keagan has been pretty fascinated with bikes, so we put him on it. Here is Keagan on the motorcycle (He had found that crown at Andrew's sister's house and decided that it was his hat!)
On Sunday, we went to feed some ducks. Keagan loved this part. Andrew got him on a rock, and Keagan just loved it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did I raise him to be too strong?

This afternoon, Keagan and Andrew were out front playing. Andrew came in after a few minutes to tell me somthing, then started going back outside. When Keagan saw him at the door, he said "Look Daddy owie". Andrew was talking to him about it and tried to bring him inside so that I could see. He got so mad that he had to come inside. He had fallen and scraped his knee on the cement. The crazy thing is, that he didn't even care that he scraped is knee. All he cared about was that he was able to keep playing outside. Andrew had to carry him inside, and as soon as he let him down, he ran right outside.

Kids say the craziest things

Today, the four of us were out running errands all morning. At one point, Deker was getting pretty hungry, so we found a shady area so that I could nurse him. While we are sitting there, Keagan started getting pretty impatient so Andrew was trying to play with him to keep him occupied. After sitting in the car for a little bit, Keagan started pointing out the window and saying "Daddy, road, hit the road". Andrew and I both started doing the silent laugh thing. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing and I wonder what he would have done if I let him out of his car seat. Did he realize that it is just a figure of speech?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Deker's Blessing Weekend - Friday

This weekend we blessed Deker. We had a fun and busy weekend with our families in town. The weekend started off on Thursday with my sister Vera arriving in Boise. She was kind enough to take us to dinner that night and then go grocery shopping with us.

On Friday morning we took her up to Tablerock to see the city. Then on Friday afternoon my sister Marie, her husband, Joe, and their 5 kids arrived in Boise. Keagan really enjoyed playing with all of his cousins, including his twin cousins, Brenna & Braelynn that are only 9 days younger than him. After we had dinner, we all went to pick black raspberries by the river in Kuna. The kids had fun picking and eating the berries and climbing on the ladders. Then Vera took us out for ice cream.

Deker's Blessing Weekend - Saturday

On Saturday morning we took my sister Vera, my sister Marie, her husband and kids to downtown Boise. First, we rode the paddle boats. After the paddle boats, we walked through the MK Nature Center (this is where you can see the stages of fish) and then went to the park by there and had lunch and let the kids play on the playground.

That afternoon, the rest of my family got into town and we had a BBQ with my family. After the BBQ, we took the opportunity of having all of my family in town and got a profession family picture taken. It is always a chore to get that many people (25 people) all together and ready for a picture, but somehow we managed it. We also had cake for Vera's birthday (even though it wasn't for another week). My sister-in-law, Melissa found Vera's favorite cake (one that my grandma used to make) and made it for her.

Deker's Blessing Weekend - Sunday

On Sunday morning, Andrew blessed Deker at church. We decided that since we have so many worthy preisthood holders in the family, that we would only have our immediate family in the blessing circle (with just that, there were 10 people). It brought me so much joy and happiness to see my husband use his preisthood in such a wonderful way. I was so pleased to look up at the circle and see my husband, my dad & grandpa, Andrew's dad & our brothers & brothers-in-law all around Deker to love and support him and us.

Afterwards, we had our family & friends over for a luncheon (If I counted right, we had around 55 people here). We enjoyed having everyone in our home eating and talking. I would like to give a really big THANK YOU to my mom & dad and my siblings Vera, Marie, Alma, Cory, Jeanette & Neal and their spouses and Andrew's brother David & his wife Leah for all that they did to help in setting everything up and then cleaning up afterwards.