Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Keagan started Preschool last week and LOVES it. We are doing a co-op preschool this year where each of the Mom's take turns teaching. On Monday we were ready to go about 10 minutes too early (I just had to walk him down the street a few houses) and he kept saying to me "Now I go to preschool Mom" over and over. I am glad that he gets to go, but Deker and I miss him while he's gone. When I tell Deker it is time to go get Keagan, he gets very excited.

In other news....Have you ever seen a white boy with an Afro? One morning this week, I was in my room getting ready for the day and Keagan came into my bathroom and wanted to comb his hair with my pick. He then insisted on taking a picture of him with the pick in his hair. So, here is a picture of Keagan with his lovely Afro.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

To the Zoo

This past Friday, Andrew was driving truck for the company he works for (they are helping him get is CDL so that he can start driving full time). Because he was going to be gone all morning & afternoon, I decided to take the boys to the Zoo. We haven't been in a really long time and both boys really enjoyed it. We walked around for a while, then sat and ate the lunch that we brought with us and then finished seeing all the animals. For the fun of it, we wandered into the gift shop at the end and Keagan kept asking if he could have different stuffed animals. The one that has the hardest to say no to was when he picked up the Penquin and said "This Penquin needs to come home with me!".

We had a lot of fun being outside and looking at all the animals. Because Keagan has been into Giraffe's lately, that was his favorite part. Deker's favorite part was anytime I took him out of the stroller and he could try out his new walking skills. Keagan has so much fun, that on Saturday morning when we asked him what he wanted to do that day, he said "Go to the Zoo!".

I haven't yet figured out how to take pictures when I am on outings with the boys. Any tips on keeping both boys together, getting the camera out and getting them to look at you all at the same time would be greatly appreciated. Here are the few that I got of them looking at the camera.