Friday, September 28, 2007

Our house is taking shape

This week was an exciting week for us in regards to our house. The footings and the foundation was poured. It is fun to see exactly how the house is going to sit on our lot. Here are some pictures.

This is the view from the street. The long part coming out from the front of the house is our 3-car side entry garage.
This is looking at our house from the East.

And, of course, we couldn't help but put in a picture of Keagan. He found some metal things (metal form brackets in Andrew's terms) on the ground and he thought they were pretty cool toys.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My first 5K

Every year Boise has a Women's Fitness Celebration. The women's 5K run/walk/stroll is either the largest or the second largest women's 5K in the nation. This year there was about 12,500 women participating. A friend of mine talked me into walking it with her this year. It was a lot of fun and I was very proud of myself for doing it. Along the walk, they have several radio stations playing music and also some different "music" groups. They had some local kids playing plastic buckets and lids, they also had bagpippers and a women's quartet, all of whome were cheering us on. Also, just before you reach the finish line they have "tuxedo row" with several guys of all ages where tuxedo shirts & jackets with shorts.

The morning of the race was a very cool morning, but once we got walking, it didn't feel cold at all. It even sprinkled on us off and on which actually felt really good

The race ended at a big park where they gave out a fruit, yogurt and granola mix. They also had companies giving out bagels, water, milk, ice cream and cookies. Here are some fun pictures from the 5K.

The three of us that walked it together:

My favorite guy on tuxedo row. Notice his walker resting beside him.

Lots and lots of ladies walking.

The lunchbox

Everyday Keagan sees Andrew come home from work carrying his lunchbox. Because of that, Keagan loves playing with it. He likes to carry it around the house and has even used it to climb onto other things. Last week I got some cute pictures of Keagan playing with Andrew's lunchbox.

Our little T-baller

Last week Andrew and Keagan were outside playing with the T-ball set that a friend gave Keagan for his birthday. Keagan was being very cute as he grunted with every swing.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I was a TV star today...

I was downtown today with a friend my mine, Ranell King, to attend the Idaho Women's Celebration that is going on this weekend. As we were waiting to cross the road, a reporter came up to us and asked us our opinion on our Senator, Larry Craig, as the things that have been going on with him. Next thing we know, I had a microphone in my face. So, on the 5:00 news they had a story and used about half of what I said. I couldn't get a video link, but here is a story with some of my comments on the matter.

If I find the video on-line I will add it to our blog.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our little helper

Keagan really enjoys "helping" in the kitchen. Last night when I started to make dinner, Keagan brought his laundry basket (it was in the dinning room because I was doing laundry) over to where I was working, climbed up onto it and was happy as could be "helping" me make dinner. It sure is much easier than having him whine and cry because he wants my attention. :)

We have a climber

Keagan has decided that he can climb and he can usually find a way to get up to where he wants. Last weekend, we were at the paint store picking out colors for our house. There were a couple of ladders that were standing up next to the paint selection area. I looked over to Keagan to find he had climed up one rung of the ladder. We got him down and then a little latter, I looked over and he had climbed up three rungs of the ladder.

Keagan has also discovered that he can stand on other things to get on top of higher items. For instance, a couple of days ago, he carried Andrew's lunch box over to the coffee table and used the lunch box to get onto the coffee table.

Then a couple of days ago, Keagan was playing with his Escalade car and I looked over to find him standing on the escalade trying to climb into the rocker. The crazy thing is, he actually made it

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's not just a dirt lot anymore...

We were very excited to learn that today (Wednesday, Sept. 5) they started digging the hole for our house. So, we decided we just had to go take pictures. It is probably a good thing that it is only 1 1/2 miles away. I was very confused about the size of the hole, but Andrew assured me that they always make it quite a bit bigger so that the big equipment can get in there. They also are digging down deeper to make room for engineered soil.

To the fair we go...

A couple of weeks ago (Friday, Aug. 24) we took Keagan to the Western Idaho Fair. We first took him to the petting zoo. He likes the smaller animals, but would stear clear of the bigger ones. We got some food for him to feed the animals. At first he wasn't sure about it, but then he decided he liked it. He even started laughing as they licked his hand.

We also watched the Peking Acrobates. I wasn't sure how Keagan would do sitting there for 30 minutes, but was really good and watched them very intently.

We had a good day wandering around and, of course, sampling some of the delicious fair food.