Monday, June 30, 2014

Deker's Soccer

Deker loves playing soccer and we have found a great league for him.  It is only a 1 hour time commitment each each.  He finished Spring soccer at the end of may and loved every moment of it.

Miscellaneous May & June Pictures

Twice in one week Bauer was being quite the "Ladies Man".  The first time was for Bauer's Last day of Preschool party.  The kids were playing and having a fun time.  A girl got on the swing and wanted someone to push her.  Bauer went over and started pushing her on the swing.  Then another came got on the other swing and wanted a push as well so he started pushing her. Then the first girl said she needed more pushes so he stood in the middle and pushed one and then other back and forth.  It was so fun to watch.

The second time was just a few days later at the same park.  We met some friends there for lunch after picking up our Kindergartners.  Since it is the park by our house the boys rode their bikes.  A couple of times my boys got on their bikes and rode around the park and the girls would run around with them. One time they came around and Bauer was giving on girl a lift on the bike.

Two days after Keagan turned 8 he had his first Cub Scout meeting. He looks so handsome in his scout uniform.

Bauer's last day of preschool party.  Here are the kids in his preschool group with their certificates.
Zora was finally able to sit on the rocking scooter that Andrew made for her for Christmas.
I just love this picture and how blue her eyes are.
One day I was upstairs with the kids.  Zora was crawling around on the floor.  Then I noticed that this Zora happily sitting by Keagan. 

Memorial Day

On memorial Day we went to a park called Veterans Parkway.  We walked along the river for a little while then had lunch and played on the playground. 

A little dock type area you can fish at.
Zora looking cute and modeling one of the new headbands I made her while the boys were camping.

We really enjoyed having a day to spend together as a family.

Memorial weekend Camping Trip

Andrew took the boys camping over Memorial weekend.  They went up Saturday after Andrew got home from work and came back Sunday before church (one nice thing about having 1:30 church).  It sounds like they had a lot of fun!

While the boys were gone, Zora and I took the opportunity to take a nap, shop for supplies to make hair bows, window shop and eat dinner out. 

Keagan's Baptism

On May 10 Keagan was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am so proud of him and his choice to be baptized.  A month before his baptism we went to the Temple grounds to take pictures, here are some of my favorite.
I love this picture.  Keagan loves his little sister and I can tell that she has a special love for him as well.
 Our family on the day of his baptism.
Keagan and Andrew.  I am so lucky to have a husband who is worthy to hold the priesthood and who can perform special ordinances such as this.

New Table

We have been wanting a bigger and nicer table for quite some time now.  I had found some plans of a table that I really liked.  We finally got some wood and Andrew spent all his spare time for a couple of weeks building it and I LOVE how it turned out.  He got it done about a week before Keagan's baptism and it was so nice not to have to bring in extra table and chairs just so a few extra people could eat at a table. 

Keagan's Birthday

On May 5 Keagan turned 8 years old.  Keeping with tradition, I made him (and Bauer) number pancakes for their birthday.
The Birthday Boys!
Since his birthday fell on a Monday this year, we had a party for him on Saturday. 

 How many kids can fit on a Teeter Totter?
 He got a Ripstick for his birthday. 
Happy Birthday, Keagan.  You are such a good big brother to your baby sister.  I love you!

Bauer's 4th Birthday

On May 5, Bauer turned 4 years old.  True to tradition, I made him (and Keagan) a number pancake.

The two birthday boys.
For his birthday, Bauer wanted a green truck party, so that is what he got.  Andrew make this wonderful cake for his birthday.

 He picked out a green tractor pinata.
We invited some of his friends over for a fun party. 
Andrew and I gave him a scooter for his birthday, which he loves. 
Happy Birthday Bauer.  You are a silly and fun little boy.  I love watching you tell stories and taking pictures because you have so many fun facial expressions.