Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

On Monday night we carved our pumpkins.  It ended up being a very fun evening.  Bauer was being kind of fussy that night, so Andrew and I had to carve our pumpkins in shifts, but even though it took a couple of hourse, Keagan and Deker happily sat there the entire time.  After I helped Keagan and Deker carve their pumpkins, thye both kept themselves very entertained.  Keagan entertained himself by using the poker to poke holes in his pumpkin and Deker kept entertained by putting the pumpkin insides in and then taking them out over and over and over again.

Here am I helping Keagan carve his.  He wanted rectangle eyes, rectangle nose and rectangle mouth.   
Deker happily playing with his pumpkin.
Bauer helping Daddy design his pumpkin. 
 Deker playing taking the pumpkin insides out after putting them in.
Three of my boys busy carving/playing. 
Our pumpkins...Andrews is the one the left, mine is next, Dekers is after that without a nose and Keagans is on the far right.
 The pumpkins lite up at night.

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Dangela said...

Girls and boys are so different. We tried carving pumpkins with our nieces last year, and they got totally grossed out with the innards and left us to do all the gutting.