Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Deker's Birthday

Deker has been so excited for his birthday.  He start planning it when we were planning Keagan and Buaer's birthday's back at the beginning of May.  When June 1 hit he started counting down.  June 26 finally came and he had a great birthday. 

We, of course, started off the morning with our traditional number pancake.  I think I would shunned if I didn't do it.
Deker loves all things tractors so this year Andrew did a magnificent job of making a Trackhoe cake.  
He picked out a yellow dump truck pinata. 
Deker told me that he wanted an obstacle course for his part.  So between Deker, Andrew and I we came up with a fun obstacle course to do.  We had the kids start at one fence run all the way down to the playhouse, go up the playhouse ladder, down the slide.  Then there was cones to weave between, a 3-step ladder to go up and jump off.  ropes to crawl under and board to go over.  It was fun watching all the kids do it.

We also had some indoor games that I didn't get pictures of. 

Deker hitting the pinata.
Cake & Ice Cream time!
Andrew and I gave Deker a scooter for him birthday.
Deker we love you so much!  I can't believe how much you have grown in the past year.  It is so hard to believe that you are six years old.  I love how much you love your sister and how much she loves you. 

Flag Football

The same people that do the soccer league also do a Flag Football league.  Keagan had done it a few times and this Spring I decided to have Deker & Keagan do the Flag Football.  It was fun to watch them both play.  The first two weeks Andrew was working so it was fun to drag Zora and Bauer between to two games, but we all enjoyed it as well.  Deker actually told me he likes it better than Soccer. 

Here are some picture of Deker.  The first three pictures he is the one with the red shirt under the black jersey.
This picture Deker is the one with the ball.
Getting his trophy and team picture.
 Here are pictures of Keagan. The first two picture Keagan has the yellow shirt under a white jersey.
 I love this picture that Andrew got with the ball just leaving Keagan's hands.
Keagan with his trophy.

 Deker and Keagan on their last day of Flag Football with their Trophy's.

Diary Days

The middle of June every year the city of Meridian has what is called Diary Days.  There is always a parade on Friday night.  This year I took the kids down to the parade, Andrew was working of course.  We had a good time.  I tried to get a picture of the four of them sitting and watching the parade but whenever I would scoot back a little to get a picture, Zora would start crawling away.  But I promise that Deker was there as well.
In looking up information about Dairy Days, I noticed that there was going to be a free kids bike race at the Meridian Speedway on Saturday.  So when Andrew got home from work we loaded up the kids bikes and went over there.  The boys thought it was so cool to ride their bikes where the cars race. 
After we got the kids registered we had time before it started so they kids did a practice lap which turned into 3 laps or more. 

The first thing they had was decorations to decorate bikes.  Here is Zora overseeing the whole process.
Andrew helping Bauer.
Then they had the kids line up in age groups, then they took all the kids to the track for a "parade lap".

Here is Deker and Bauer in the 6 & under group ready for the parade lap.
Keagan (in the blue shirt) in the 7 - 9 group ready for the parade lap. 
The boys had so much fun and it was fun for Andrew and I to watch and cheer them on. 
Zora thought playing with Bauer's helmet after he raced was just about the funnest thing ever. 
After the bike race, we decided to stop and get some lunch at a place we have never been to.  It is called Zimms Burger Stache.  The food was great but the Highlight was this giant mustache they have there.  They even have a stool/ladder for kids tall enough to be behind it. 


The Zoo

After going to the Zoo in April when Deker got really sick, I knew I really wanted to take him back to the Zoo when  he could really enjoy it.  We finally were able to go in June, after the boys got out of school.  We had a great time there as a family. 

The giraffe slide
Andrew always makes the silliest faces!
I love my kids.
In the birds nest.
During the summer months our zoo has a butterfly exhibit.  Last year when we went, Keagan was really sad that he couldn't get any butterflies to land on him.  This year he had quite a few land on him and he loved it.  Deker and Bauer on the other hand hated it. 
Andrew and Zora had A LOT of butterflies on them.
She wasn't so sure about them when they landed on her head though.

Father's Day

I was really struggling with what to get Andrew for Father's Day.  We don't spend very much money on gifts for each other but I always like to do something.  I found a solid colored tie and had the kids each draw a picture on it.  The boys thought that was really cool and drew their favorite picures and we wrote a little note on the back as well.  I even drew a flower so that Zora would be represented as well.
Then less than a week before Father's Day I found the idea to make a sign to hang grill tools on which is really needed because every couple of months we have to remind the boys that the grill tools are NOT to play with.  Now they are out of reach!
Here it is hung up above his grill.

Last day of School & Cubscout Day Camp

 The last day of school was June 11 which was also the day of Keagan's first Cub Scout day camp.  We decided to have Keagan miss the last day of school and go to day camp.  So we went and picked him up from school on Tuesday instead.  Here is Keagan with his 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Berry.  
Keagan on his way to Day Camp.  He LOVED every moment of it. 
Deker with his Kindergarten Certificate.
Deker with his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hammel.  Deker LOVED school and is now so excited for 1st grade.  I thought we had talked about him being on Summer break, but I guess we never told him how long because the next day when we were talking and I told him he doesn't have school for 2 months he was shocked.  Then when Andrew got home he said "Dad, did you know I don't have school for TWO MONTHS!!!".