Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our ballonaholic...

First of all....Keagan has loved balloons ever since the first one he got. Everytime we go to a store and he sees balloons (even if they are very far away), he always points at them and says balloon over and over. Well, when Marie and Joe were in town last week, we went to Red Robin for lunch. On our way out, we decided to ask for a balloon for each of the little ones. After we got home, the twins had lost interest in their balloons and so Keagan took advantage. He carried those balloons around the house pretty much the whole night. When he sat down to read a book with Marie and the twins, he still wouldn't let him go.

When we got up the next morning, the balloons were sitting on the ground, be he still carried them around with him most of the day.

Our house

The inside of our house is really taking shape. They insulated at the beginning of the week and today they were supposed to start sheetrocking. Also, the oustide is all sided and Andrew is going to paint it either this coming week or next (depending on the weather).

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Recent Developments on our house

Our house is really starting to take shape. The house is all framed and they have begun siding it. On Thursday, Andrew went out and painted the facia (the stuff that is white in the picture for those that don't know construction language). They were hoping to have the rest of the house sided by Saturday, but it rained a lot on Friday and Saturday and so they weren't able to get it done. Inside the house, they have the plumbing done and the electrical is almost done. After Thanksgiving, they should be able to start sheetrocking.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Our Little Music Man

Keagan has become quite the piano player lately. Whenever I sit down to play the piano, he always comes running up and stands on his escalade down at the bass end and plays along with me. He usually has to have a book up there as well so that he can turn the pages. Also, whenever the mood strikes, he goes over, opens the piano and starts "playing" and turning pages. Here are a couple of videos of him doing it. The first one he was standing on his escalade and then Andrew put him on the piano bench and he played longer.

The last stages of framing

Here are a couple pictures of our house. The darker one was taken on Wednesday and the other one was taken on Friday. They are almost done with all of the framing. The plumbers started doing their thing on Friday as well.

Monday, November 5, 2007

House Update

Today was an excited day for us. They put most of the trusses on our house. It is excited to see it taking shape. They plan to have all the framing done by Wednesday.

Our little Monkey

On Sunday morning Keagan decided to start pushing the kitchen chairs around. He got one tipped over and proceeded to climb into and over it. This entertained him for about 30 minutes. Here are just a few of the crazy positions he got into.

We got a couple of new church outfits for Keagan because he outgrew the other ones. He looked so cute when he got him ready to go to church that I couldn't resist taking a picture and posting on our blog.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Have you ever seen.....

Have you ever seen a white tiger driving a car? Well here is your chance. We dressed Keagan up as a white tiger for Halloween. He wasn't sure about the hood, but once we got him to the trunk or treat and he saw all the kids, he forgot all about it and had a great time. He even growled for sound effects. When we went outside to get in the car and go, Keagan couldn't resist running over to his little car and getting in it.

The Corn Maze

On Monday, we went to the corn maze with our friends Shawn, Jess & Bryce (Andrew's business partner and his family). The boys had fun watching and petting the animals, playing in the corn box, riding the cow train and sliding down the big slide.