Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today's Halloween activity turned out to be really great because it kept Keagan and Deker occupied for quite a while.  I also learned that if I need something to keep them occupied for a while, I just have to get the paints out. 

I got these little ceramic things that came with the paint brush and three paints at Michaels for really cheap the other day.  When I opened them, the paint wasn't very good, but the boys had fun with them anyway.  Here they are the beginning of the activity.
After a little bit, Keagan said that his paint was gone and asked for some more.  I got out our washable paints and put three different colors on paper plates for them to use.  They quickly got very messy and I was glad for two things....#1 The paints are washable and they come off and out of clothes very easily.  #2 I put down newspaper.  Here is Deker after he finished painting his little cat and decided to move onto his plate and newspaper.  Keagan's area looked a lot like this, although Keagan didn't get quite as much paint on this hands. 
Their finished product.  You can tell that Keagan's witch was done mostly with the paints that came with it.  All in all it was a fun project for the kids and gave me a little piece of sanity while Bauer took a short evening nap.  


Tory and Elizabeth said...

I love painting. My parents had this tradition while I was growing up that we painted some sort of decoration for each holiday. I am just a little nervous to start it with my kidlets.

Dangela said...

I bet they would love going to Artist for a Day.