Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Activities

A few days ago I decided to start doing a Halloween craft or activity every day.  We started on Saturday with Pumpkin shaped rice crispy treats.  We even drew faces on them with some black icing gel I happened to have in the cupboard. 
On Sunday we made skeleton and pumpkin wreaths.  This was accomplished by putting white footprints on black paper and orange palm prints on orange paper (although, I think I should have done orange on white or white on orange).  After they were dry, we cut them out, drew faces on the pumpkins and then glued to a circle cut out of a cardboard box. 
Next up.....Carving pumpkins!


Tory and Elizabeth said...

Will you stop already! Seriously, if you keep being super you are going to make the rest of us look bad. I think I am doing good by just remembering to buy pumpkins . . . who knows if they will ever get carved.

easterngrl said...

Your an awesome mom!

Dangela said...

I loved all the crafts--can I move into your house, too?