Monday, June 25, 2012

Bike Rodeo

Last Saturday, our Police department put on a bike rodeo at the Library close to our house.  Keagan and I rode our bikes down while Bauer and Deker rode in the bike trailer and Neal drove Deker's bike down (we started out all riding bikes, but Deker just couldn't make it all the way, so Neal went home, got our van and picked up Deker's bike where we put it and met us there). 

We first went to different tables where they taught the boys about their brains and why helmets are important, another table was a police officer who taught the boys about the A-B-C Quick Check, then another police officer taught the boys about hand signals.  Then some ladies from the childrens hospital checked the boys helmets and fixed them so they fit just right. 

After that there were five different obstacle courses. 

On this one, there was a police offer at the start, the boys would ride their bikes, half way down he would yell clear and hold up a sign with a car on one side and blank on the other.  They would then have to look back at the sign and say either clear or bike (according to what side he had held up). 


This one they rode their bikes to the end where a police offer held up a sign with either left or right, they would have to stop, use the appropriate hand signal and then turn that way.

 On this next course, there were those cones set up and they rode their bikes weaving through the cones. 
 This one there were two big circles drawn with arrows and they rode their bikes in a figure 8 twice. 
For the very last one, there was a start and a finish.  The race was to see who could get to the finish the slowest without putting their feet on the groud.  Deker of course won each time because of his training wheels. 
They each then got a certificate, coloring books, crayons, pencils, etc.  It was so much fun and it has been fun to see them using some things they learned there as we have been out riding bikes.


Keagan's last day of school was, Friday, June 15. They had a brunch which the boys and I enjoyed going to. He loved his teacher, Mrs. Hammel. Keagan loved Kindergarten and was somewhat sad that the school year was over, but it very excited for 1st grade because he gets to eat lunch at school.
That night was the Meridian Dairy Days parade. We love going to this parade each year. They pass our milk, string cheese, ice cream and lots of candy. We were really glad that my brother, Neal, came with us.
One morning last week, I was doing the boys hair and Keagan asked for a mohawk, so of course Bauer wanted one too.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My first Bike Ride

In the past couple of years, several of my brothers and sisters have started bike riding.  Then last fall and this spring a they started doing these crazy 100 mile rides.  I thought they were nuts.  Last winter, I started running but I was having a lot of problems with my heal.  Around April, Andrew finally got me on the bike my Sister Vera had found for me last summer.  I was hooked.  Bike riding was fun. 

When my brother Neal moved up with us, he decided that he wanted to do a 100 mile ride and started looking for one.  He found the Bob Lebow Bike Tour which is held every year.  He convinced me to sign up, but all I had courage for was the 10 mile.  I was nervous, but excited especially since my Mom was going to do it with me (my Dad decided to do the 100 with my brother). 

A few week before the ride, I told Andrew I wanted to ride about 9-10 miles to see if I could do it.  He took me on a route and it ended up being closer to 13 miles.  I started to think maybe I should have signed up for the 25 mile ride or something.  But I stuck with the 10 miles because I really wanted to do it with my Mom.  I sure was glad I did. 

The morning of the ride, we woke up to rain and wind.  By the time my Mom and I started out on our rides, it wasn't raining anymore, but it was cold and really windy.  For the first half of the ride the wind was blowing right at us which made climbing hills extremely hard.  Finally we turned to head back and we weren't headed into the wind anymore and it was wonderful. 

Here is my Mom and I before the ride.  Notice the mean looking clouds. 
Our friends, the O'Neils watched my three boys for us and they even brought them out to the finish line.  I had made "Go Mom Go" flags and my parents brought up the "Team Smith" Flags which we had made for the big bike ride my family had done earlier this year.  I was so excited about finishing the ride, that I forgot to take pictures of the flags.  Hopefully I will remember when they use them again in July.  Andrew got off work at 11:00 and came straight out to see us. 
My mom and I coming into the finish line.
Out cheering section eating their lunch that the O'Neils brought for them after we finished our ride.
I am so happy that I did this ride and now I am even more excited for the Goldilocks Ride that my sister Vera and I am doing on July 14 (she is doing the 100 mile option and I am doing the 40 mile option).

Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day

I had been looking forward to Memorial day coming up for a while.  With Andrew's work schedule (off on Monday and Thursday) and Keagan being in school.  There aren't very many days when we have a day to spend together as a family.  So, with the rare day upon us, we decided to just have a fun day.  We started off by going out to breakfast as a family.  After that, we came home, patched some bike tires, loaded up our bikes and bike trailer, made a picnic lunch and headed downtown.

For my family and friends that aren't from Boise, here is a little info.  The Boise River runs through Boise, pretty much from one end to the other.  On both sides of the river there are paved pathways called the Greenbelt that go right along the river.  It is such a popular place to ride your bike and walk or run, that there is a yellow line down the middle and you stay on your side of the pathway unless you need to pass someone.  There is even mileage markers showing how far you have gone. 

We got on our bikes by an old firestation, and rode for a few miles.  We then stopped and ate our picnic lunch.  We then rode some more, crossed the river and rode back on the opposite side, rode for a while, then stopped at a playgroud.  Then rode back to our van.  In all, we rode about 7 miles, but it sure didn't seem that far. 

Here is me, Keagan and Deker enjoying our lunch.
Andrew and Bauer.
One of the bridges we rode across, we stopped to see the water. 
A close up of Bauer at the bridge.
Bauer fell asleep at the very end of the ride. 
I think we all are excited to do this again soon.

Andrew's Work Party

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew's work hosted a party for all the employees.  We all had so much fun and we were really glad that we were able to go.  First up for the day was a Forklift Rodeo.  Deker and Bauer were a little nervous at first, but as soon as they realized what was going on, they LOVED watching the people drive the forklifts through the obstacle course. 
There was also a Balloon Maker guy there to make a balloon animal for each of the kids.  Keagan got this really cool fishing hat with a fish on the end.  I didn't get pictures of the others one, but Deker got a sword with a belt for the sword to go in and Bauer got a dog. 
After the forklift rodeo, we had a yummy lunch of Hamburgers, gourmet hot dogs, salads, fruit, etc.  There were also nachos, yummy drinks and ice cream.

Then there was prize drawings.  There were enough prizes that each employee got one and about 1/2 of the employees got a second prize.  We came away with a candy dispenser and a nice jacket. 

They also gave each employee a nice cooler filled with Boise State stuff (t-shirt, bobble head, 2 pairs of sunglasses, etc).  They also each a goodie bags filled with candy for each of the kids to take home.

After that was the Truck rodeo.  Each driver took a semi through an obstacle course which included doing a "jack knife" turn, cones and pallets that they had to drive between without touching, backing up to the dock and parallel parking.  You can't tell, but this is Andrew taking his turn.
There were also a couple of bounce houses for the kids to play in.  Keagan and Deker spent a lot of time playing on these.  Here is Deker climbing up one bounce house.
And Keagan sliding down another bounce house. 
That evening, the company hosted a very nice dinner at a local golf club for the adults, where they gave away the prizes for the people that got 1st and 2nd place in the truck rodeo.  Andrew got 3rd place, missing second place by just 9 points.  We all had such a fun day and we are hoping they do it again next year.