Sunday, June 29, 2008

We're Home

Deker and I got to come home from the hospital on Saturday. I was ready to come home on Friday, but since Deker was born 4 weeks early, they wanted to keep him the full 2 days to make sure that he was doing good. We are happy to be home and trying to adjust to life with a 2 year old and a newborn. Keagan seems pleased to have him around and loves to hold his little brother.

My mom got in town this evening (Sunday evening) and is going to stay until Thursday. We are excited about having here with us. Here are some more pictures of Deker and one of Keagan holding Deker.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


This morning at 2:32 AM Deker Comfort Picanco was born. He weighed in at 7lbs 5oz, and measured in at 20inches long. Brenda and Deker are doing wonderful. We just can't wait to bring him home and enjoy him completely. Here are A few pictures.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Football time

One morning while my parents were in town for the football camp explained below, I had one of my many prenatal appointments. Since my doctors office is downtown, it was decided that my parents would take Keagan and watch Uncle Neal play football while I went to my appointment. Keagan had a good time seeing Uncle Neal, playing on the "tractor", watching football and being outside in general. Here are some pictures my Dad took. I was very grateful that my parents were willing to take Keagan and that they had a good time.

23 Football Players????

This past weekend/week, we were able to have my parents and my little brother Neal visit us. My little brother is on the High School football team and him and bunch of his teammates came to the BSU football camp which was held from Saturday through Wednesday. On Tuesday, they had some free time in the afternoon and so it was decided that we would have all of them over for a BBQ at our house. Wow, what an event that was!!!! There ended up being 23 football players, 2 coaches, my parents, and us here.

Keagan is a big fan of Uncle Neal. So when we told him that Uncle Neal was comming for dinner, he was very excited. We were out front when all these people pulled up. At first Keagan was excited about Uncle Neal, but then when he saw all these big guys getting out of the vehicles and he didn't quite know what to think.

After everyone ate, a couple of the boys started through a football back and forth. Keagan thought this was pretty fun to watch. A couple of the boys tried to play catch with Keagan which made them pretty cool in his eyes.

What did it take to feed these people?

54 Hamburgers
19 Hot Dogs
2 1/2 pounds of cheese
30 pounds of potates & 30 eggs for the potato salad
macaroni salad

It was fun to have them all at our house for a little while. Here are some pictures of the event.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

New (to us) Car

About a month ago, I begged Andrew to try putting both car seats into our Saturn. We did and it worked, but it was VERY tight and it seemed that the two kids would be almost on top of each other. At that point, we decided maybe we should look at selling the Saturn and buying a bigger car. When we started looking, we discovered that buying an older minivan would be possible. We did some looking in the classified and on Craigs List and decided that on Saturday, we would start making phone calls and doing some test drives. Yesterday morning, I noticed a commercial for a really big used car sale going on at the fairgrounds. We decided that we would start there this morning. After looking around a little, we found a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport. The price was higher than what we wanted to pay, but we told them what we were willing to pay and after a little going back a forth, they finally agreed to our price (in the end we were able to get them to drop the price down $2,000). Here is a picture of our new minivan. Just so you know, we don't have a thing for red cars. In fact, if we had a choice of anther color, we probably would have chosen a different color.

We now need to sell our Saturn, so if you know of anybody that wants to buy our Saturn, please send them our way!

On a side note....I can't tell you how many times Andrew has heard me say "My belly is getting quite big, I don't remember ever getting this big with Keagan.". He patiently says "No, you didn't". So, I thought I would take a picture and share it with you all today. I know that for a lot of you, this doesn't look all that big, but it is for me.

The Geese & Ducks

When Andrew and I were trying to decide what to do for dinner today, we decided to take a picnic to the park in downtown Boise. This particular park is by a river that has ducks and geese walking around and you can also go paddle boating on it as well.

As we were driving into the park, we drove by the geese & ducks and mentioned them. So, the entire time we were eating, Keagan kept asking to go see the ducks. Finally, we took him over to see the ducks & geese. We had a little bit of extra bread from our sandwiches and fed it to them. Then Keagan decided it was his job to pick up the feathers and throw them in the water. This made me quite nervous because he would get really close to the edge and I was afraid that he would fall in. Then he proceeded to run after them. There were some baby geese there and everytime Keagan got kind of close, the parents would hiss at him. Keagan thought this was kind of funny and then would hiss back at them. It was quite funny to watch.

P.S. It really wasn't cold enough for the hood, but when Keagan has his jacket on, he insists that he needs his hood on as well. There are some things that just aren't worth the battle.

Memorial Day Weekend - Better late than never

I know this post is quite late, but we were waiting for pictures from Andrew's friend. He has recently started dating a girl and so it took quite a while for him to email us the pictures. Over Memorial Day weekend, Andrew took Keagan on his first camping trip. They left me home to enjoy some quite time and drove to Eastern Idaho to go camping with his buddies from High School. It sounds like Keagan (and I hope Andrew) had a good time up there. They rode four wheelers (a lot), played in the snow, looked at the trees and sat around the campfire. As soon as Keagan woke up every morning, they would build a fire and then Keagan would start asking to "drive" which means ride the four wheelers. Andrew's brother David had a small helmet that Keagan would wear. Here are some pictures of the weekend.