Thursday, July 8, 2010

A scar to match

Remember This Post back in March which was about Deker cutting his chin open on a stool?  Well, he did it again!  This time though was quite different.  

Lets back up to last Wednesday night.  I took all three boys to Target to get a present for a birthday party that Keagan was invited to.  We hadn't been in the store for more than 3 minutes when I stopped to look at something.  All of a sudden I hear Deker crying and Keagan saying "Sorry Deker".  I looked at Deker and saw that his lip was bleeding quite a bit.  With the help of a Target worker, we got tissues & ice.  I got the bleeding stopped, took him to the bathroom to clean him and me up and then gave him the ice to eat.  It looked like he fell and his teeth made 2 to 3 different cuts in his bottom lip. 

All was fine until Saturday night at the wedding.  He was playing with some chairs, fell and it reopened the cut lip.  Thank goodness Andrew was there this time and I let him take care of it. 

All was fine, once again, until this morning (Thursday).  The day was going according to plan and the boys were playing upstairs and Bauer was asleep, when I heard a bang and Deker start crying.  I started up to stairs to see what as going on and found Deker with his chin cut open, once again.  I quickly grabbed a washcloth to stop as much blood as possible, brought him downstairs.  I don't really trust my instincts on stuff like this, so I called our good friends, the Kolilis' house (Dan is a Nurse) to get their opinion.  Dan came over and assessed the wound.  He then used his "Medical expertise" and supplies and used surgical glue and sterry strips and got him all bandaged up. 

Why is this happening when Andrew is gone?  Don't my kids know that they have to wait until Andrew is home to do stuff like this? 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Weekend

We had a fun and very busy 4th of July weekend.  It started off with going to the Boise parade on Saturday morning.  Since Andrew works on Saturday and I wasn't brave enough to take the boys by myself, I talked my friends Elizabeth & Tory and their kids to come with me.  We all had  fun time. 
As soon as Andrew got home from work, we headed to his Cousin's wedding.  It was at a farm close by.  At one point, Andrew laid Bauer down on a blanket to change his diaper and Deker insisted on laying by him.
Because all of Andrew's family was in town for the wedding, on Sunday, we had a BBQ at our house.  A couple of weeks ago, I got the idea to make our own flag shirts.  I told Andrew my idea and using things I already had, we make flag shirts for each of us.  I think they turned out pretty cute. 
A few weeks ago, I saw on a website called Make it and Love It, a fun way to make a Flag Cake.  I saved the link and made it to have after the BBQ.  It turned out pretty good and tasted even better. 
I think Deker really liked it, at least he looks like he enjoyed it. 
On Monday evening, we went to Swan Falls Dam and roasted Hot Dogs and then went fishing.  Keagan caught his very first fish, which happened to be the only fish that was caught that night.  Unfortunately, I forgot the camera, so I don't have any pictures. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

This past Sunday we blessed Bauer and on Saturday was Deker's Birthday. We had a fun time spending the weekend with family. The weekend started off with my sister Vera arriving in the afternoon.

That evening, Vera got her computer out so the boys decided they needed to get the computers out as well.

On Friday, I needed to go the store to get some bread, on the way to the store, we drove past the new Walgreens which was having their grand opening. They were giving away free hot dogs so we decided to stop for some lunch. There was a race car which Keagan loved. He did not want to get out of it.
When we went to get the hot dogs, they were out at the moment and they were waiting for more, so they gave each of us an ice cream sandwich while we waited.
That afternoon, my mom, my dad and my grandpa Smith arrived. My Dad was showing Keagan & Deker some pictures of their new camping trailer.
That night, my sister, Jeanette got here with her husband Jeff and their twin girls Emmalyn and Brooklyn.

My boys especially love it when we have people visiting and one of those reasons is that they have lots more people to read books to them. As I was going through the pictures, I realized just how much my boys like to read. Here are just a few of the times they had people reading books to them.

Keagan and Deker with their Grandpa Smith (notice the two other books sitting on there that they had already read).

Aunt Vera reading a book to Keagan and Deker while holding Bauer.

This is Deker with his Great Grandpa Smith. This is one of my favorites because Deker doesn't warm up to people very quickly, but as soon as he realized that his Great Grandpa would read a book to him, he climbed right up.
Here is Keagan with his Grandma Smith.
There are more posts below with the rest of the weekends festivities.

Deker's Birthday

On Saturday was Deker's Birthday. We started out the morning by having waffles, but first I needed to make Deker a special pancake. Andrew usually makes the special pancakes for the boys because he is more artistic than I am, but since he wasn't here, he promised me I could make a truck and told me exactly how to do it. I think they turned out pretty good, but the most important thing, as soon as Deker saw it he said "truck" so at least he new what it was.
We spent the morning playing minature golf with my family that was in town (my parents, my grandpa, my sister Vera and my sister Jeanette and her husband and twin girls), which was lots of fun (see the post below). Here is Deker wearing his birthday shirt I made him. That evening we had a BBQ.
I went to go look for Deker, but instead I found Keagan playing on a blanket with my sister Jeanette's twin girls.
Deker's birthday "cake". It is brownies stacked up to look like a mountain with tractor's. I put this together while the boys were napping. I made the mistake of leaving it out on the counter. I got Deker away from it but after dinner, I found Deker inside with a chair pulled up to the counter looking at the little tractors on his brownies.
After that we brought it outside, sang happy birthday (which is didn't like) and Andrew helped him blow out the candles.
Once he finally got to play with the little tractors, it was really hard to get him to want to open the rest of his presents. We had him open the present from his Grandma & Grandpa Smith last because we knew that once he saw it, he wouldn't want to do anything else (it was the green tractor in the picture below). Deker quickly realized that he could put his little tractors in the big trailer and play with them all at the same time.
Best of all the worlds, playing inside the fire truck fort with all the tractors.

At 2-years-old. Deker likes anything to do with Tractors, trucks & trains. He Loves playing with is older brother Keagan and he follows and tried to do anything Keagan does. Deker is a great big brother to Bauer and always likes to know where he is.

Minature Golf & Go-Carts

On Saturday morning, we went to Wahooz Fun Center to play a little miniature golf. Keagan was pretty impatient, so it ended up that My mom, my sister Vera, Keagan, Deker and I kind of played miniature golf. Then my Dad, my Grandpa, my sister Jeanette and her husband, Jeff all played for real behind us. It was fun to see Keagan and Deker trying to play and I think we all had a fun time.

Bauer spent most of his time either sleeping in his stroller or in Aunt Vera's arms.

We were about two holes away from the end of the miniature golf course when Deker decided he needed to sit down, but he made sure to keep a hold of his ball and golf club.
After we finished miniature golfing, we ate lunch and then Vera decided she wanted to take Keagan on the Go-carts. So, we all went except my Mom who stayed out with Deker (he is not tall enough), Bauer and the twins. I offered to stay out with the kids, but my mom said that with her bad knee she wasn't sure if she could get into and out of the little carts.

Bauer's Blessing Day

On Sunday, Andrew blessed Deker in Church. After church we had a brunch at our house complete with Breakfast Casserole, hashbrowns, muffins and fruit. We are very grateful to those family and friends that were able to come and celebrate with use. For those of you that weren't able to make it, we missed you lots!