Saturday, September 11, 2010


For the past year, I have been wanting to put Keagan in a local soccer league.  There is one that is really close to our house and I have heard really good things about.  It is six weeks long and it is only on Saturdays.  It only lasts for 1 hour starting with a 15 minute practice.  It seems like a great way to see if it is something your kid is interested in.  I always hear about it too late to sign up.  But this time, I called to see if it was too late and to be asked to get on the mailing list for next time, but instead she said she had room for Keagan. 

Today was Keagan's first game.  He was so excited about playing soccer and every day, sometimes twice a day for the past week, he would ask if today was his soccer game.  I was a little concerned about how Keagan would do because he always gets scared and shy of new things.  I made sure I got there a little early before it got too busy.  We went up to his coach and they started kicking the ball around.  The coach had a little practice and then they started playing.  I was so proud that Keagan was out there playing. 

After about 20 minutes, he came over crying because there was so many kids.  I talked to him for a few minutes and with the help of our good friends Dan and Angela who came to watch him play, he went back out there.  Then after a couple of minutes, he got kicked in the knee and that was the end of it.  I really hope that next week he will get back out there and play again. 

Yesterday, Keagan said to me:  "Mom when I am playing Soccer you need to say Go Keagan, Go Keagan, Go Keagan".  I told him I would.  This morning at breakfast he said to me: "Mom, when I  am playing soccer you need to say Go Keagan, Go Keagan, Win Keagan, Win Keagan".  I again told him I would.  When we were driving to his Soccer game, he again told me "Mom you need to say Go Keagan, Go Keagan, Win Keagan".  I told him I would and that he told me that this morning and he said "I know, Mom, I just don't want you to forget".

Here are a couple of pictures, courtesy of Dan and Angela. 


Vera said...

Way to go Keagan!!!

Cristie and girls said...

Great job Keagan!!! The next time we visit, you and Sam and play soccer together again.

Tory and Elizabeth said...

Oh man, I wish we hadn't missed it! The cold germs have hit our house and we decided to keep them sequestered here.

Dangela said...

Thanks again for inviting us to Keagan's game. It was so much fun to watch him. I can't wait until this Saturday!