Saturday, September 11, 2010

Primary Activity

Keagan had a very busy day today.  This afternoon was a primary activity and they were told to bring a cardboard car.  On Sunday, Andrew asked Keagan what kind of cardboard car he wanted and told him a Monster Truck.  So after dinner Andrew, Keagan & Deker went out to the garage, picked out a box and started designing and cutting out Keagan's Monster Truck. 

When Andrew about half way done, he had Keagan get in the truck to see how it was fitting.  Deker then realized what was being done and was upset that he didn't have one.  So, after Keagan's truck was cut out, we put the boys in bed and Andrew when back out to the garage, found another box and made one for Deker.  Here they are the next morning, happily trying our their cardboard monster trucks. 
Monday was painting time.  Keagan, of course, choose blue because that is his favorite color and Deker/Andrew and I choose yellow for Deker because he can actually say that color.  Andrew put his painting clothes on and we got out some old shirts of ours for the boys to wear.
Here is Keagan all ready to go to the Primary activity with his Truck.  By the way, I don't know if you can see it or not, but there is even a "truck bed" in the back where they can put things.
Here is Deker's finished truck.  Deker was napping when Keagan when to the activity, so you just get a picture of Deker's finished truck.


Vera said...

Those trucks are awesome! I am guessing that Keagan's truck was the envy of MANY kids (and even some parents)!!!

Tory and Elizabeth said...

I think that is some seriously cool trucking making. Good thing Ryker didn't get to see it, he would have probably tried to steal it.

Dangela said...

What fun--I am so impressed, Andrew!