Saturday, September 11, 2010

BSU Football

Monday night (Labor Day) was BSU's first game of the season.  We decided to have some friends over to watch the game together.  We all put on our Blue & Orange.  Andrew even got out his orange pressure garments from years ago to help cheer them on. 
On Sunday Andrew, Keagan & Deker made football and helmet shaped Sugar Cookies and then I had fun decorating them with Blue & Orange frosting.
Earlier in the week, our friend Dan called Andrew to see if there was a way to hook up 2 TV's downstairs.  Andrew thought the idea was a good one and decided to try it out.  It even worked. 
Of course, our boys can't let an opportunity of having so many people over go by without convincing at least one person to read a book or two.  It is a good thing that we have such good friends that will do it. 
Everybody brought snacks and we had a great time watching football, talking, eating and playing outside during halftime.


Tory and Elizabeth said...

Go Blue and Orange! What a fantastic game. Definitely something we will have to keep doing this season.

easterngrl said...

Looked like fun, wish I could figure out how to be in two places at once so I could have been there.

Dangela said...

Thanks for the awesome party!! We had a ball. Go BSU!!!