Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good Family Moments

On Sunday night we decided to make Grilled Pizza.  If you haven't ever made them, you are missing out because they are delicious.  Since we were having grilled pizza, we decided to eat outside.  After dinner and playing, we built a little fire in our firepit, roasted marshmallows and have some Smore's.  I haven't had a smore in several years and I forgot how yummy they were.  It was a great night spent with our little family and spending the evening outside.

Another fun moment is seeing all of my boys playing together.  This picture of all my boys playing together just melts my heart and helps me to remember how important it is to stop and take time to play with your kids. 


Em and Tom said...

Poor Deker!!! Jealous of the pizze though.

Dangela said...

Love the picture of your boys! You guys are such awesome parents!

easterngrl said...

is that recipe on Smithalicious?