Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deker Again???

Do you ever have those moments when your child gets hurt and you feel so bad and you have to keep reminding yourself that is wasn't your fault, and the bad guy in your head keeps saying, you should have been watching them better?  Last night was another of those times for me. 

After dinner, Keagan wanted to make something, so we decided to make No-Bake cookies.  They were quick and the kids would be able to have one before bed.  Keagan & Deker got chairs up to the stove and we started making cookies.  The kids were having fun taking turns stirring.  I turned off the stove, took the pan off and was stirring in the oats, when I looked over as Deker started crying and saw him take his hand off the hot burner.  I yelled for Andrew to come put his hand under cold water.  After a few minutes of holding his hand under cold water, Andrew was able to convince Deker to let him look at it.  That is when he realized that he burned the upper part of his palm and all of his fingers. 

I called our good friends Dan & Angela (we rely on them ALOT don't we?) and they let us use some good burn gel that they have.  All night, when his hand wasn't in water, he kept pointing at it saying "hot".  We finally got him to sit down with me and put his hand in a bowl of cold water and watched a cartoon to let him calm down. 

When it was time for bed, we gave him an ice pack wrapped in a washcloth and Andrew had to lay with him until he got into a deep sleep to keep it in his hand.  We were afraid that Andrew would have to sleep with him the entire night and keep putting the ice pack on.  When we checked on him a few hours later, Andrew put the ice pack back on his hand and he slept the rest of the night. 

This morning, he sas a really big blister that covers the entire upper part of his palm and small blisters up each finger.  I am very grateful that he is being really careful and not using that hand (which is gratefully his left hand).  We happened to have a Dr.'s appointment for Bauer's 4 month check-up today, so we had the Doctor look at it and he said we had done everything right and to watch to make sure the blisters didn't break.  Now to keep an active 2 year old from breaking those precious blisters, now that sounds hard.


Cristie and girls said...

Ohhh....poor Deker! I hope his hand heals quick. I think every parent feels the same way you did at some point. I know I've felt the same way from time to time. You're a wonderful mom...things just happen sometimes that are out of our control. I'm glad it's not worse than it is.

Malma said...

Ouchie! It's makes my hand hurt just looking at it. Poor little buddy. Give him a kiss better for me too!

Vera said...

Ouch, I hope he heals quickly. Give his had a get well kiss from me, also!

Tory and Elizabeth said...

Boys will be boys, and Moms will go bananas while they pull all their stunts. Oh, and tell that stinking devil on your shoulder that you are a GREAT mom and that he has no business telling you that you "should've."

Hope it heals well and that he leaves those blisters alone.

Dangela said...

OUCH!!! Poor little guy. Glad we were around to help. You can always call on us anytime.