Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keagan & Deker

I have talked about this on this blog before, but my boys LOVE to read.  They will look at books on their own, they will ask us to read and if people are over, one of the first things they ask them to do is read to them. 

There are times when Keagan & Deker will each get a book, get up on our big blue chair with a blanket and read their books.  What are their books of choice, anything to do with boys things: tractors, trains, airplanes, cars etc.  For instance, the book they are reading in this picture below...Deker is reading a book called "Builder" which  has pictures of tools & diggers.  Keagan is reading a book called "I work with Digger" which is shaped like a digger. 
I was trying to get a mommy preschool co-op (each mom takes turns teaching preschool at their house) going with Keagan again this year. He loved it last year and we wanted to do it again, but we couldn't get enough Mom's to do it, so it ended up falling through at the last minute.  I decided that I would do a little preschool with Keagan and Deker this year.  We started last week and we are going to talk about a different letter each week and do different activities that go along with that letter.  Then, when a holiday comes, we will take a week to learn about the holiday.

I am focusing on letters to mainly get Keagan a chance to start learning to write his letters and so Deker will start recognizing his letters.  So far, this has been a very good thing for all of us.  It has also gotten them to be excited again about drawing and coloring.  This week, they have gotten their crayons out about 4-5 different each day. 
Keagan & Deker love to treat their bears like babies.  I usually end up swaddling up their bears at least a few times each day.  It is fun to watch what they do with them.  Deker usually just carry's his swaddled bear around shushing and bouncing it like he is trying to get it to sleep (He sees Andrew and I doing that with Bauer). 

Keagan, likes to feed his bear (nursing like I do, I hope I am not traumatizing him).  If we are sitting down to eat, he will want to feed him food as well, but I tell him no on that, because I don't want the mess.  He also likes to put them in various beds so they can sleep.  This gets even more fun because he will go in my room, close the door.  He will then come out a few minutes later and stand in the hallway and then a minute later he says, I think he needs me to help him go to sleep. 

They both also like to put their bears in the swing and the bouncy chair.  I can't count how many times Andrew or I have gone in our room to go to bed only to find an animal or two in there "sleeping".  Here is a cute picture I got of the two of them with their swaddled bears. 
Vera....Do those bears look familiar?  They are the one that you gave each of them when they were born.


Cristie and girls said...

So.....I see that that "Builder" book is still just as popular as when we got it for them. Haha. Too cute! :D

Vera said...

YES, they do look familiar!!! I am glad they are getting used. THAT is why I get a stuffed animal rather than flowers (most funeral directors don't like flower anyway!).

Dangela said...

those boys of yours are so lucky to have parents like you two. You always come up with great teaching ideas for them. Keep up the great job!