Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mohawk's and Brotherly Love

One day a couple of weeks ago, while the boys were in the bathtub and I was getting their hair washed, I started playing around and put it up into a Mohawk.  Keagan thought that was pretty cool (which means Deker thought it was pretty cool as well) and so after they were dressed, I combed their hair like that.  Then they went to bed. 

Fast forward to this morning....I was getting the boys dressed and combing their hair and Keagan asked me if I could "do his hair up in the middle like I did it that one day".  After thinking for a moment about what he wanted, it finally came to me.  He was quite excited that I said yes, I would give him a Mohawk.  Now our boy's hair doesn't go strait up, so it is more of a curl-hawk, so I combed it all to the center and tried to curl it over all in the same direction.  This picture was taken just a couple of minutes after it was done and as you can tell, it was already starting to come out of the Mohawk as it is drying.  By an hour later, you could barely tell that it was done this way. 
Last Monday while Deker and Bauer were napping, I decided to take Keagan out to have a little one-on-one time with him (Andrew was home that day) and get him some pants, shoes and a jacket to get ready for the cooler weather that should be coming soon.  One of the stores we went to was Target.  While there, I was looking for some crayons and Keagan saw a Super Why coloring book, he asked if he could get it and I told him yes because he loves to draw and color.  After we left that area, he said "Mom, I didn't get a book for Deker".  I told him they could share the Super Why one. 

When we were paying for our purchases, Keagan asked for a sticker.  When we were getting in the van, he said "Mom, I didn't get a sticker for Deker". 

After we were done shopping, I took him to TCBY for some Ice Cream.  While we were eating our ice cream, he asked if we could get some for Deker. 

I thought that it was so cute and sweet that he would keep thinking about Deker and wanting to get things for him as well. 


Tory and Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness, that is too sweet! Here's hoping our boys will love each other as much.

MKS said...

thanks for your comment! i'm glad you like So Festive! i also love making donuts--I'll be posting about that soon

Vera said...

SOOO cute!!! All three of your boys are so adorable!