Thursday, July 8, 2010

A scar to match

Remember This Post back in March which was about Deker cutting his chin open on a stool?  Well, he did it again!  This time though was quite different.  

Lets back up to last Wednesday night.  I took all three boys to Target to get a present for a birthday party that Keagan was invited to.  We hadn't been in the store for more than 3 minutes when I stopped to look at something.  All of a sudden I hear Deker crying and Keagan saying "Sorry Deker".  I looked at Deker and saw that his lip was bleeding quite a bit.  With the help of a Target worker, we got tissues & ice.  I got the bleeding stopped, took him to the bathroom to clean him and me up and then gave him the ice to eat.  It looked like he fell and his teeth made 2 to 3 different cuts in his bottom lip. 

All was fine until Saturday night at the wedding.  He was playing with some chairs, fell and it reopened the cut lip.  Thank goodness Andrew was there this time and I let him take care of it. 

All was fine, once again, until this morning (Thursday).  The day was going according to plan and the boys were playing upstairs and Bauer was asleep, when I heard a bang and Deker start crying.  I started up to stairs to see what as going on and found Deker with his chin cut open, once again.  I quickly grabbed a washcloth to stop as much blood as possible, brought him downstairs.  I don't really trust my instincts on stuff like this, so I called our good friends, the Kolilis' house (Dan is a Nurse) to get their opinion.  Dan came over and assessed the wound.  He then used his "Medical expertise" and supplies and used surgical glue and sterry strips and got him all bandaged up. 

Why is this happening when Andrew is gone?  Don't my kids know that they have to wait until Andrew is home to do stuff like this? 


Vera said...

Deker, you better slow down dude!!! I guess boys will be boys, huh?

Dangela said...

You're going to be one tough woman, Brenda, by the time these boys are raised--nothing is going to phase you! Glad Deker is doing well.

Em and Tom said...

Shoot! Boys really are fun eh?