Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

This past Sunday we blessed Bauer and on Saturday was Deker's Birthday. We had a fun time spending the weekend with family. The weekend started off with my sister Vera arriving in the afternoon.

That evening, Vera got her computer out so the boys decided they needed to get the computers out as well.

On Friday, I needed to go the store to get some bread, on the way to the store, we drove past the new Walgreens which was having their grand opening. They were giving away free hot dogs so we decided to stop for some lunch. There was a race car which Keagan loved. He did not want to get out of it.
When we went to get the hot dogs, they were out at the moment and they were waiting for more, so they gave each of us an ice cream sandwich while we waited.
That afternoon, my mom, my dad and my grandpa Smith arrived. My Dad was showing Keagan & Deker some pictures of their new camping trailer.
That night, my sister, Jeanette got here with her husband Jeff and their twin girls Emmalyn and Brooklyn.

My boys especially love it when we have people visiting and one of those reasons is that they have lots more people to read books to them. As I was going through the pictures, I realized just how much my boys like to read. Here are just a few of the times they had people reading books to them.

Keagan and Deker with their Grandpa Smith (notice the two other books sitting on there that they had already read).

Aunt Vera reading a book to Keagan and Deker while holding Bauer.

This is Deker with his Great Grandpa Smith. This is one of my favorites because Deker doesn't warm up to people very quickly, but as soon as he realized that his Great Grandpa would read a book to him, he climbed right up.
Here is Keagan with his Grandma Smith.
There are more posts below with the rest of the weekends festivities.

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Starnes fam said...

Looks like you are adjusting to 3 boys just fine! Glad you guys are having a fun summer!