Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Zoo

Last weekend (July 23), our good friends Angela & Dan had Angela's Mom & Grandma visiting.  They decided they would like to go to the Zoo and invited us along.  We had a great time and my kids got a little spoiled.

The first couple of times that I went to the Zoo, I didn't know that they had a little petting area, but we discovered it when we went with Keagan's preschool this year.  I made sure that I had some quarters so that we could feed the goats as well.  Keagan loved this part and Angela even showed him how to kiss a goat (Dan got a picture of that, but I haven't gotten them yet). 

Deker didn't really like the petting Zoo, but here he his sporting the latest big bump that he received earlier at the zoo. 
When we came upon the Carousel Angela & her mom paid for my kids to go on it twice.  That is something that we hadn't done before, and we all really enjoyed it.  The boys weren't quite tall enough to ride by themselves, so Angela and I got to go with them.

Towards the end of our Zoo visit, Angela's brother bought my boys a Root Beer Float to enjoy complete with an Elephant straw for each boy. 

We ended our Zoo visit by eating our picnic lunches.  We had a fun day and the boys took really good naps that afternoon. 

Thank you Dan, Angela, and their family for the wonderful day at the Zoo!

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Dangela said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to come--we had soooo much fun!! I hope kissing the goats didn't gross you out--it takes a lot to disgust this little farm girl & sometimes she forgets that other people are more easily disgusted.