Friday, July 2, 2010

Deker's Birthday

On Saturday was Deker's Birthday. We started out the morning by having waffles, but first I needed to make Deker a special pancake. Andrew usually makes the special pancakes for the boys because he is more artistic than I am, but since he wasn't here, he promised me I could make a truck and told me exactly how to do it. I think they turned out pretty good, but the most important thing, as soon as Deker saw it he said "truck" so at least he new what it was.
We spent the morning playing minature golf with my family that was in town (my parents, my grandpa, my sister Vera and my sister Jeanette and her husband and twin girls), which was lots of fun (see the post below). Here is Deker wearing his birthday shirt I made him. That evening we had a BBQ.
I went to go look for Deker, but instead I found Keagan playing on a blanket with my sister Jeanette's twin girls.
Deker's birthday "cake". It is brownies stacked up to look like a mountain with tractor's. I put this together while the boys were napping. I made the mistake of leaving it out on the counter. I got Deker away from it but after dinner, I found Deker inside with a chair pulled up to the counter looking at the little tractors on his brownies.
After that we brought it outside, sang happy birthday (which is didn't like) and Andrew helped him blow out the candles.
Once he finally got to play with the little tractors, it was really hard to get him to want to open the rest of his presents. We had him open the present from his Grandma & Grandpa Smith last because we knew that once he saw it, he wouldn't want to do anything else (it was the green tractor in the picture below). Deker quickly realized that he could put his little tractors in the big trailer and play with them all at the same time.
Best of all the worlds, playing inside the fire truck fort with all the tractors.

At 2-years-old. Deker likes anything to do with Tractors, trucks & trains. He Loves playing with is older brother Keagan and he follows and tried to do anything Keagan does. Deker is a great big brother to Bauer and always likes to know where he is.


Vera said...

Happy Birthday Deker. I am glad I could be there to celebrate with you this year!!! Love you lots, Aunt Vera.

Dangela said...

Happy birthday, Deker. I can't believe you are already 2! It looks like you had a fun birthday.