Friday, July 2, 2010

Minature Golf & Go-Carts

On Saturday morning, we went to Wahooz Fun Center to play a little miniature golf. Keagan was pretty impatient, so it ended up that My mom, my sister Vera, Keagan, Deker and I kind of played miniature golf. Then my Dad, my Grandpa, my sister Jeanette and her husband, Jeff all played for real behind us. It was fun to see Keagan and Deker trying to play and I think we all had a fun time.

Bauer spent most of his time either sleeping in his stroller or in Aunt Vera's arms.

We were about two holes away from the end of the miniature golf course when Deker decided he needed to sit down, but he made sure to keep a hold of his ball and golf club.
After we finished miniature golfing, we ate lunch and then Vera decided she wanted to take Keagan on the Go-carts. So, we all went except my Mom who stayed out with Deker (he is not tall enough), Bauer and the twins. I offered to stay out with the kids, but my mom said that with her bad knee she wasn't sure if she could get into and out of the little carts.


Vera said...

Keagan, I had SO much fun riding in the go-cart with you. Thank you for letting me take you!!! I love you, Aunt Vera.

Dangela said...

What a great outing. I love playing miniature golf with kids--not only is it fun to watch them, but I don't feel so bad when it takes me multiple tries to put the ball in the hole!