Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Zora's Surgery

Zora had been having problems with ear infections ever since her 6 month checkup.  The first two times we found out she had an ear infection was because I was taking her in for other things.  The first time was her 6 month well child check and the doctor noticed it.  The next time was the beginning of April when I took her in for pink eye and she had an ear infection again.  Then about the end of April Zora refused to nurse.  I took her in just to check and sure enough she had another ear infection.  Then in June she started to seem really off again so I took her in because of all her other infections and sure enough she had another double ear infection.  At that point we decided to get tubes in her ears.  We got into the Pediatric ENT doctor quickly and on July 3, she had surgery to put tubes in her ears and take out her adenoides.

Here is Zora her the little hospital gown.
Zora did really well with the waiting and the not eating.  But after a couple of hours of being awake she got pretty tired and fell asleep for Andrew before the surgery. 
She had a really hard time coming out of the anesthesia.  Thank goodness we had a great nurse and he let us take her home after a while.  It wasn't until we walked out of the room we were in that she calmed down. 

That afternoon was a hard one, especially with Andrew sleeping because he had to go to work that night.  But the next day she was a ton better.

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