Tuesday, October 7, 2014

4th of July

The actual 4th of July was very low-key for us.  Andrew was not home home at all the day (he left the night before and got home on the 5th of July).  Normally I would have taken the kids to the parade, but with Zora having her surgery the day before, I wasn't sure how she would be feeling and knowing that she would at least need to have her regular naps, I decided it was best if we didn't go anywhere. 

To make the day fun for the boys, I bought a blow-up pool, set it up with a Slip N Slide and other water toys.  They played outside from mid-morning until I made them come in around 4:00.  I think that means that it was a success and that they had a great time.

The next day (the 5th of July) is when we did stuff to celebrate.  Andrew got home mid-morning.  For lunch we had these fun noodles.
Then that night we set off our own fireworks.  Our next door neighbors joined with us after a little bit and we had a really fun evening.

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