Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Family Vacation - Salt Lake City area

Andrew and I decided to turn the family reunion into a family vacation. After the reunion, we stayed in Salt Lake with my brother and his family for a couple more days.  The the night we first arrived in salt Lake (the day before the family reunion started) my brother Alma and his wife had a Smores bar.  It was so delicious.

 My boys and their cousin Oliver eating rock candy that Oliver and his family had made a week earlier.
On Monday, we took the kids cousin Bella with us on a train ride (the Traxx) to the Gateway Children's Museum.  My boys were so very excited to be riding on a train.
Here is one part of the children's museum.
That night, we went out to Gardner Village to walk around and feed the ducks. 
On Tuesday we went down to the Museum of Natural History (aka Dinasour museum).  That really isn't my thing, but all the boys loved it. 

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