Monday, June 27, 2011

Deker Turns 3

Yesterday (Sunday) was Deker's 3rd birthday.  He has been looking forward to this day since we celebrated Keagan and Bauer's Birthday.  Deker LOVES tractors and LOVES the color yellow.  Whenever he was asked what he wants for his birthday his answer was always a tractor.  If I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, he would say he wants to go to Marshall's work and see the tractors, which we did less than a month ago.  When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted he would say a yellow cake. 
For breakfast, I made him a "3" pancake.  Then I decided to try to get a little more creative and make a track hoe one as well.  Here is how they turned out. 
 Deker really liked it. 
For his birthday, Andrew and I got him a bike.  He loves it, but hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. 
Dan & Angela gave Deker this really fun gift it is a butterfly net (just like Keagan has) a canteen, whistle and compass.  He had them clipped to his pajamas all morning (you can see the compass next to his plate and all of it on him in the picture above.)  Then he wanted them all back on after church. 
We made a yellow cake and decorated it with chocolate frosting and crushed up oreos to look like dirt.  Then I put three new little tractors and a dump truck on top.  Very easy, but he loved it. 
After he blew out the candles, I asked him if he wanted to eat his cake from his dump truck.  As you can see, it was much easier to lift up the dump truck and take bites rather than using a spoon.
Deker you are such a great little boy.  You love to sing songs, dig in the dirt and play with your brothers.  You (and Keagan) are teaching me more about tractors, cranes, trucks, etc., the I ever thought I wanted to know, but that is just fine.  We love you!


Meghan & Chase said...

Great cake! I love the crushed oreo idea- simple is usually the best:)

Veronica Haley said...

Happy Birthday Decker! When you come to our house, you can dig in the sandbox and play with our tractors all you want :)

Vera said...

Happy Birthday, Deker - I love you!!!

Dangela said...

Happy birthday, Deker. We wish we could have been there. It looks like you had fun.

I love the cake, Brenda. I'm going to have to hire you to make mine for Lucas!

Kathy said...

watching the boys grow and learn through all your photos is so wonderful you and Andrew are such great parents