Monday, May 30, 2011

Cloud Nine

Seventh Heaven
Every boys dream come true

This is some phrases that Keagan and Deker might use describe an outing we did on Sunday evening. 

Andrew's really good friend, Marshall, recently started a job where he works on tractors (or as Andrew says, he works at Western States CAT as a heavy equipment Mechanic).  Since Marshall knows how much my boys LOVE tractors, he took us all to his work yesterday afternoon to see the tractors.  Keagan and Deker were in heaven seeing, climbing on and even sitting in a few tractors.  There was even one smaller tractor that Marshall started and helped Keagan lift up the blade of the tractor. 

After seeing the tractors outside, he took us inside to see a couple that were being worked on and also showed them his tool box which Deker thought was really awesome.  Enjoy the pictures!
This is one HUGE blade (or in Andrew's words it is a D-10's blade).
Of course, Deker finds a big bolt.
By the time we left, Keagan could get on and off this thing all by himself.
Each boy taking a turn on the skidster.
What an amazing time was had by all the boys.  Deker had so much fun that before we even left, he told me he wanted to come back again.  Thanks Marshall for making my kids week!


Kevin and Ann said...

I want to see the tractors too!!!

Dangela said...

What fun--I want to go play, also. I'm so glad the boys got to do that. What a perfect day for them.