Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend with the Haleys

I am a week late on posting this, but my motto is better late than never.  Last weekend (over Father's Day) my sister, Marie her husband and 5 kids came and stayed with us for a couple of days on their vacation.  We were so very excited to have them come stay with us.

They arrived Friday night and we went down to the Meridian Dairy Days parade.  We had a great time which was made even better by the chocolate milk, string cheese, t-shirts & lots of candy we received.

Friday morning, we headed over to Wahooz to do the go carts and bumper boats.  Deker and Bauer are not tall enough so I volunteered to stay out with them.  Braelynn didn't want to go on the go-carts so she stayed out with us as well.  While the rest of them were waiting in line, we ventured around for a few minutes and then I got out the camera and had fun taking a few pictures.  I love how good Braelynn is at posing. 
 Joe & Samantha
 Keagan and his cousin Tyler
 Marie & Brenna
Next up was the bumper boats.  I stayed out with Bauer & Deker while the rest went.  Thank you to Tyler for taking Keagan on the bumper boats and go carts with him. 
 Keagan and Tyler. 
They all ended up fairly wet but with lots of smiles.  After that the older kids did Laser Tag.  We were going to go to a park and play afterwards but it started sprinkling/raining so we headed back home afterward. 

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day.  Here is the shirt I spruced up using my Silhouette to cut out Freezer paper and using fabric paint. 
Here is the apron I spruced up using my Silhouette.  The story behind this is that Keagan and Deker think that I can't use the grill.  It is Daddy's grill and only he can use it.  It sure is fun to tease them about it though.
For dinner we made very yummy grilled pizzas.  We let each of the kids make their on individual pizzas. 

Then we had Smore's for dinner. 
We had such a great time visiting with the Haley's and we are so happy that they stayed with us. 

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