Sunday, June 5, 2011

Party Time!

Our really good friends, Dan & Angela, have been wanting to have children for a long time. After about three years of trying to adopt, they finally got the news they have been hoping to hear (on Keagan & Bauer's birthday) that there was a 2 month old baby boy for them to pick up the following day. This wonderful news and the adorable baby has brought so much joy to them, their family and all their friends. To celebrate this occasion, our friend Elizabeth and I threw them a shower. Because they have been through so much together trying to have a baby and adopt, we decided a great way to celebrate is by having a couples/family open house.

The happy family.

Keagan and Deker watching over Baby Lucas.  They already love him and talk about him a lot.
The cupcake display for the party.
The food...We made Slow Cooker Chicken Nachos which were a huge hit.  We also had a few people bring salads and fruit.
Mommy Angela and Baby Lucas!
 The personalized blanket I made for them.  
 Deker playing with Angela's grandma's walker.  There was a few different times when I saw Deker over there talking with her or playing with her walker.  He seemed very taken with Grandma. 
There was an empty box which looked like something Bauer would have fun in and he sure did. 
It was such a fun night celebrating with friends such a happy occasion!  Lucas, you are such a special boy and I am excited to see the wonderful young man that I am sure you will grow to be.  


Vera said...

Congratulations do Dan and Angela. You have been great with the Picanco boys and will AMAZING parents!!!

Dangela said...

Thanks again for the AWESOME party! We had so much fun that night--it was the best shower I have ever been to. You and Elizabeth did a great job!