Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

And for the crowning events of our Halloween week.  On Sunday night, we had "mice" for dinner.  Basically mini meatloaf with things stuck in them to look like mice.  I was really excited about showing these to Keagan and Deker, I put them on the plates, dressed them up like mice.  Then when I put their plates in front of them and said "Look, there is a mouse on your plate".  Their reaction was.... "Oh".  That is when I realized that it will be a while before they care about stuff like that, but I will keep doing it because it was fun for me.
Because Andrew wasn't  home for the Trunk or Treat, we decided to go out on Sunday evening.  Our friends Jill and Kelson and their two girls came along.  It was a very fun evening.  Here are some better pictures Andrew took of the boys.

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Dangela said...

I love the mice. I fed Dan "BBQ'ed worm sandwiches". You cut hot dogs into 3 lengthwise strips (like worms), cook them in BBQ sauce, & serve them on hamburger buns with parts of the hot dogs sliding out (like worms crawling out). Your mice were much cuter.