Monday, November 1, 2010


Keagan and Deker likes to take the pillows from the couch and put them up with the coffee table and use the pillows as gates.  These "forts", for lack of a better word are used for all sorts of things.  Sometimes it is to make a house where they can "babysit" each others animals.  Sometimes they are used in conjunction with blankets to make an even better fort.  There are other things they do in them, but I can't remember at the time. 

On Saturday night, Andrew and I were in the kitchen making dinner.  After a little bit, Deker started saying "Momma, Gates".  When I looked over this is what I saw....
Deker took all the pillows and put them up between the couch and the coffee table, took the helicopter in there and played for quite a while.  When it was time for dinner, he took a gate, moved it out of the way, came out and then slid the gate back in place. 

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Dangela said...

I love kids' imaginations--it is so fun to see how they picture the world.