Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom turned 60 last week.  We decided to help her celebrate by having a Surprise birthday party in Salt Lake.  My dad rented a nice big 8 bedroom vacation house for us to all stay in.  Most of us arrived in Salt Lake on Thursday evening.  On Friday morning, my boys were very excited to learn that in the backyard, after the big lawn was none other than dirt hills.  Keagan very excited came inside telling me all about them. 

On Friday morning, the majority of us went to see the Hogle Zoo.  There was a bucket truck in the zoo putting up Christmas light.  This is what I saw when I looked at my boys.  All the rest of us was going in the opposite direction of the truck.
 I guess Bauer thought he needed a drink.
My sister Vera was being the great aunt that she is and bought tickets for all the kids to ride the Carousel.  I went with Deker and Aunt Vera took Bauer.
Keagan with his other 4 year old cousins.  Walking into the zoo.
Keagan in the lions mouth.
Aunt Vera with a lot of her nieces and nephews.
My Mom and Dad got to Salt Lake on Friday afternoon.  My Mom thought she was just going to see two of her kids and their families that live there.  It was decided ahead of time, that my Dad would call my brother Alma who lives in Salt Lake when they were getting close to Salt Lake. Alma then told him that they were headed to Artic Circle and to meet them there.  We hid behind the play equipment.  Then came out when she walked in.
There was lots of running around and playing games.  Getting VERY dirty playing on the dirt hills, etc.  We were very blessed to having amazingly good weather while we were there.  Friday and Saturday were beautiful days then Sunday was cold and windy. 
We had a great time surprising and celebrating my Moms birthday.  On Sunday morning, we took a big group picture before attending sacrament meeting with my brother, Alma and his wife.  Here is the big group picture.  The only person missing was my brother Neal who is serving a mission in Brazil. 


easterngrl said...

That is great. What a wonderful opportunity.

Dangela said...

Love the picture of Keagan and his cousins holding hand--that is one to do something special with.

Glad you all had a great time--it definitely looks like a boys' dream vacation home come true.