Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Weekend

I'm going to start off with a little story and picture about Keagan that happened on Friday.....On Friday and Saturday, Andrew delivered flowers for a local flower shop that his sister works at. Andrew got home after Keagan was in bed Thursday night and then left the house before Keagan woke up on Friday morning. When I went up to get Keagan he immediatly asked where dad was and when I told him that he already went to work this morning, he was so upset that he couldn't see Daddy. He kept saying "I want to see my Daddy". I felt so bad for him, so we called Andrew on the cell phone and he got to talk to him. That made him a little happier. So, that evening when Andrew called to tell me he was heading home, I waited for a few minutes to tell Keagan and when I did, he insisted on sitting in the front window to wait for him and wanted to be wrapped up in his blanket. He looked so cute sitting there that I couldn't resist taking a picture.

On Saturday morning, I decorated the table with valentines tablecloth, plates, cups and napkins and put little valentines bags for each person in their spot. For breakfast, we had heart shaped cinnamon rolls (I found the idea from a website called Gourment Mom On the Go). Basically, when you roll up your cinnamon rolls, you roll from both sides instead of one, place them on the baking sheet and pinch the end to form a heart.

That afternoon, I sat down to feed Deker and Keagan was sitting beside me. I started reading my magazine and Keagan decided he needed to read the newspaper, so he took it off the coffee table, sat on the couch beside me and started reading. When I looked over a few minutes later, this is what I saw.

When I sit down to feed Deker I usually will use my blanket to keep me warm. If Keagan sees that I don't have it, he will insist on getting in for me. At one of Deker's feedings on Friday, Keagan was playing around by me and on my legs, which he likes to do a lot, (sometimes he likes to sit there, sometimes he likes to have a horsey ride), this time, though he slid down to the floor in between my legs and the blanket went down under him. He then decided that it was a very cool tunnel since the blanket was up on each side of him. So several times that night and ever since then, he will want to make his tunnel. He usually likes to take a pillow, his blanket and sometimes a book or toy in with him. On Saturday afternoon during one of his tunnel escapades, I put Deker down with him. They seemed to have fun in there. Here is what I saw when I looked down at them in their "tunnel"


Dallin, Katie, Chase, Mackenzie, and Logan said...

You are just the most creative woman. Your boys are going to have such amazing holiday memories. I love the newspaper picture!!

CORMELS said...

How cute! It sounds like you had a wonderful Valentines.

Leis Fam said...

How cute is he. I miss you guys. We need to get together sometime soon. Sounds like you guys had a fun V-day.