Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update on the past couple of weeks

I just realized that it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted anything on our blog. I was looking through the pictures from the last couple of weeks and found some stuff that I had wanted to put on our blog, but never got around to doing. I am going to start with the most recent and work my way back.

Deker rolled from his back to his tummy today. We were upstairs his evening playing. Deker was laying on the floor on his back, I left the room to take Keagan to the potty and when I came back Deker was on his back. I was so suprised.

After Keagan woke up from his nap, we were upstairs playing and he tried to put a bucket around his neck and use it as a drum (like the marching band drummers), but since the handle was short, he wasn't able to do that. So, after dinner, I had a crafty moment and we made Keagan a drum, complete with a string so he can put it around his neck. I searched our house and garage and found a box that I thought would be a decent size. We then covered it with a paper shopping bag I had and put a string through it. I wrote "Keagan's Drum" on the sides and then Keagan decorated it by putting stickers on and drawing on it. I looked all over the house and the only thing I could come up with for drum sticks was plastic spoons (I had the thought of cuting up a plastic hanger, but I am too afraid of knifes to attempt that).

Keagan loved the end result and I am pretty proud of it as well. He then hung it around his neck and drummed for quite a while. He even let me put it around my neck and drum as well. Here are the results.
We found out that Deker has an ear infection in both ears. This is my first experience with ear infections because Keagan never had any. I kind of feel like a bad mom because I didn't even know that his ears were bothering him. A few weeks ago, Deker came down with a bad cold. He had a runny nose, a cough and he lost his voice. It was nice in the way that he couldn't cry very loud, but extremely sad and pathetic to hear. After a week his cold went away and he got his voice back. Then a week and half later (Sunday) he work up with a runny nose, cough and his voice was getting really horse again. So, Monday morning I called our doctors office and they said to just bring him in. As I was driving there I was feeling pretty silly for taking him in because I was thinking it was just a cold. Well, he does just have a cold, but when the doctor looked Deker's ears, he discovered an infection in both ears. So, he is on an anibiotic for the next 10 days. I am so grateful for the promptings I was given to take him in to the doctor.

I am proud to say that I put my son to work at the ripe old age of 2 1/2. After breakfast on Saturday morning, I started with the usual cleaning up after breakfast, wiping down counters, putting dished away, etc. Well, this particular morning Keagan decided he wanted to get in on the action, so he pulled a kitchen chair up to the counter, got a rag and proceeded to clean the counter. I love how intensely he is working on a particular spot in this first picture.

Misc. Things:
Deker has recently started actually liking to eat food. We had a rough time of it at first. I started with the usual cereal, but Deker really didn't like it. After a few weeks of him turning his nose up at the cereal, I started adding a vegetable to his cereal and that is when he decided that it was good stuff. He is picky as far as there has to be lots of flavor. For instance, he doesn't like cereal plain, but add any vegie or fruit and it is great. Or, he won't eat plain applesauce, but if I mix up some cereal and give him cereal and applesauce at the same time, he eats it right up. Or he won't drink water, but give him a little juice and he loves it.

Keagan loves to help us feed Deker which is quite a fun adventure. Here is a picture of Keagan and Andrew feeding Deker.
Bath time:
Deker was never much of a bath person. It took him quite a few months before we could give him a bath without him screaming the whole time. After that, he would tollerate it as long as we were quick. Well, when Andrew started working nights, I started putting Deker in with Keagan to save time in the evening and that is when Deker really started liking his bath time. So, as long as Keagan is in the tub and he has a toy to chew on, he is a happy camper. Here are a couple of pictures of the two of them in the bathtub.
So far, these two boys are buddies. Keagan likes to always know where Deker is and he is such a great helper. He likes to make sure Deker has a toy, likes to talk to him and likes to make him laugh. Deker laughs the most for Keagan. Deker also loves to watch Keagan play. I am sure that as soon as Deker can crawl and walk, he is going to be following Keagan everywhere. I just hope that they will stay friends for a long time.

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Erin said...

Tyler's never had an ear infection either, so I wouldn't recognize it! Yay for Deker rolling over. I just love when they learn new things. And I'm impressed that Keegan is helping so much around the kitchen...I need to get going on Tyler!