Friday, January 16, 2009

Where is it?

I had quite the funny experience happen last night. Andrew was at work, Keagan and I were eating dinner (which consisted of ham, potatoes and green beans) and Deker was sleeping. Keagan wasn't eating his dinner very good and was spending too much time playing. I got up from the table and started doing other things in the kitchen. All of a sudden I hear "Momma, it's stuck" and "Momma I can't get it out". I went over to him and asked him what was wrong and he said there was a bean in his nose. I looked up there and sure enough, I see some green bean. The only thing I could think to do is get the bulb syringe and start sucking. The first part came out pretty quickly, then I noticed there was also a seed up there which was really hard to get out. Keagan started crying because it was hurting. I felt bad, but at the same time it was quite funny.

I am glad that I got it out and I can just hope that this not going to be a common occurrence.

On another note...Because Andrew wasn't getting any painting business this winter, he started working through a temp agency. He worked for one company for almost the whole month of December and they recently hired him on. He works from 1pm until whenever they get done which is sometime between 8pm and midnight.


cappyt said...

What happened to squeamish Brenda? Pulling a bean out of your sons nose? I'm impressed.
I'm also impressed you were able to fish it all out. Rather clever getting the "nose plunger" (that's what i call those things). I would have gone for the tweezers, and that probably would have been much more painful for a child's nose.

Erin said...

Tyler is a raisin's boy. We constantly have to tell him they DO NOT go in his ear. Too funny! I'm glad you were able to get it out!

Bryson and Miranda Strong said...

I think every kid must think that the nose is the place to "stick" things. When I was little I put a peanut up my nose, (just to see what would happen) and ended up in the emergency room. All I really remember is some really big tweezers LOL! I am glad Keagan is ok.

Dangela said...

Believe me when I say...KEEP THE TIC TACS AWAY FROM HIM. He will never forget that experience.

David and Leah said...

We were both LOL when we read your bean story--hilarious! I hope Olivia doesn't decide to do something like this, although it would make for funny memories...:)Love you guys!