Friday, October 24, 2008


I was tagged by my sisters for things of 8, so here it is....

8 Shows I Love to Watch
*Amazing Race
*Biggest Loser
*Eli Stone
*Ugly Betty
*Deal or No Deal
*Rachael Ray Show
*Super Nanny
*The Doctors

8 Favorite Restaurants
*Olive Garden
*Red Robin
*Cheesecake Factory
*El Gala Giro
*PF Changs
*Training Table (Oh how I miss you!)

8 Things that happened yesterday
*Did ALL of our Laundry
*played with Keagan & Deker
*Played the piano (with the help of Keagan, of course)
*Found some craft projects to do with Keagan
*Took dinner to a friend who just had a baby
*Cooked dinner
*Nursed Deker several times
*Read lots of books to Keagan

8 Things I look forward to
*Going to a Pumpkin Patch this weekend
*Andrew getting more work for his painting business
*Hearing Deker Laugh
*Having Andrew's brother, wife and their two kids visit next weekend
*Taking Keagan & Deker Trick or Treating
*All of the family we get to see at the upcoming holidays
*Seeing our friends new baby boy

8 Things I Love about Fall
*Cooler weather
*Pulling out fall/winter clothes (I feel like I have a new wardrobe)
*Thanksgiving and the approaching Christmas
*Leaves changing colors
*Pumpkin Food
*Getting to use more blankets
*Making more soups
*Smells of fall (pumpkin, cinnamon, etc.)

8 Things on my wish list
*That my boys will grow up to be good, kind people
*Andrew and I to always be happy together
*That my boys will want to be active in the gospel as they grow up
*Andrews business being more lucrative
*Portable DVD Player for those long car trips
*New Entertainment Center/HD TV
*Having money for a Family Vacation
*New Dining Room Set

8 People I Tag
Miranda, Ranell, Elizabeth, Caprene, Sara Cahoun, Erin, Angela, Kristi

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